Right of human beings

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Islam guides man with regard to his dealings with other members of the society. It lays emphasis upon justice, trust, respect for life and property, patience, truthfulness and forgiveness. The holy prophet peace be upon him said:  ‘’ the creation is the family of Allah, so the dearest of creations to Allah is he who is best to his family. And also he who is not affectionate to Allah’s creatures. Allah will not be affectionate to him.

Allah has stressed upon us to protect the rights of human beings. These include parent’s neighbors’ relatives, guests and the sick people.


Rights of relatives

Next to the parents islam lays the greatest stress upon the rights of relatives. The holy quran commands us to do good and show kindness to our relatives and the command to do so comes immediately after the command to do good to our parents. The quran says: “ worship none but allah and treat with kindness your parents and kindred

The holy prophet peace be upon him is reported to have said: giving of alms to relatives has to rewards: one is the reward of amls and the other is the reward of helping relatives

And: a person who does not respect the rights of relatives will not enter paradise.

He also said: “ one who break off his relations with his relatives shall not enter paradise.

Rights of sick

A visit from us may cheer up a sick relatives or friend. The holy prophets’ peace be upon him used to visit the sick and comfort them. In Islam visiting the sick to enquire about their health and looking after them is considered to be a form of worship.

About visiting the sick the holy prophet peace be upon him said “ when a Muslim becomes ill him and enquire about his health.




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