Rights of Guests in Islam

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Islam enjoins upon the Muslims to treat their guests with hospitality. Abu hurairash has reported Allah’s messenger as saying: “he who believes In Allah and the last day should honour his guest.”

The holy prophet peace be upon him was extremely hospitable. People used to come in large numbers to his house and he entertained them all and served them personally his hospitality was not confined to the Muslims only but it was extended to all even the Jews and the unbelievers.

Sometimes it so happened that his guest ate all that was available in the house and nothing was left for the holy prophets peace be upon him and his family so they had to go without food that night. When there were guests in his house the holy prophet peace be upon him used to get up many times at a night to make sure that they were comfortable.

On the other hand Islam also enjoins upon the guests not to overburden the host or to be a cause of inconvenience for him.

Its reported that the holy prophet peace be upon him said: ‘’ whoever believes in Allah and the last Day should be a host to his guests.” The companions asked: “how long is good hospitality?” the prophet peace be upon him answered: “ one day and night ,” then said: “ three days. After this all his expenses on hospitality would be charity.”

organized and prepared by M.Sahim Hakimzada)

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