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Rimac Automobili is looking for a talented and committed software engineer.

We are looking for a talented and committed software engineer in the HMI (Human-Machine Interface) department. HMI department is responsible for developing systems like human-machine interfaces, in-vehicle infotainment systems, vehicle telemetry, vehicle remote control and many other high level software development tasks.

We proud ourselves of being a technology leader in infotainment systems and we are constantly breaking new ground in this field. This is why our team is constantly learning and embracing new technologies.


Your role

Currently we are looking to expand the HMI team in the area of In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) Software Development. As an IVI developer you will be involved in development of cutting-edge, multi-display touch sensitive systems. Depending on your skill set and preferences you will be involved in development of advanced touch sensitive user interfaces or developing background functionality like interfacing with other car systems, integrating new hardware components, Bluetooth phone connectivity, WiFi connectivity, Web browser integration, GPS Navigation system integration, Machine-To-Machine interfaces and other IVI systems.


  • Participating in IVI system development form project start to finish – from initial idea, brainstorming and requirements analysis to system implementation and delivery

  • Design and develop of in-car applications

  • Research and development of new GUI and interaction patterns for in-car large-surface touch screens

  • Write code to interface with various in-house developed and supplier's components

  • Testing of implemented systems


  • Excellent knowledge of design patterns and algorithms

  • Excellent knowledge of application development using at least one object oriented language (C++, Java, C#)

  • Experience in using version control systems

  • Inclination to teamwork, creativity and proactivity

  • Fluent English spoken and written


  • Knowledge of Qt framework

  • Knowledge of OpenGL ES 2.0 or later API

  • Knowledge and ability to work using various OS-es (Linux, Android, iOS, Windows)

  • Experience working on advanced projects in larger teams

Please send your CV and motivation letter to iwannawork@rimac-automobili.com (e-mail subject "Software engineer") no later than 7th of September. A portfolio of projects and similar is a plus.

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