Ring around the Rosie(my version that adds on to the original)

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Ring around the Rosie

 Ring around the rosie

A pocket full of posies 

" Ashes, Ashes!"

We all fall down!


War and Trade went all around

Infecting people as they go

Place to Place

They all fall down!


Hide in a tower,

It won't matter,

You'll all go down

littering the ground!


4 friends go hand in hand

Death,Terror, Confusion, Betrayal

all around the nation

sleeping in winter

coming in summer


And we're heading for disaster

The world is going upside down

As 4 friends go all around

we all fall down!





In 1347, a plague came upon Europe that is now known as the Black Death or the Bubonic Plague; it came over seas from ships from the harbor. It came in the summer and went away during the winter because the fleas and rats were gone in the winter and they were the ones that started the plague. The nursery rhyme/game  “Ring around the Rosie” is about the symptoms of the Black Death. The games kids play these days!

 Ring around the Rosie

There would be a red “rose” with a yellow ring around it; this was the first symptom.

Pocket full of Posies

The victim’s body would have pockets that had posies (a type of flower) because they shouldn’t touch the infected body, if they don’t want to get it too.

“Ashes, Ashes!”

They would burn the bodies so that the body couldn’t pass on the disease.

We all fall down!

This means they die.


This just gives you a warm fuzzy feeling inside you doesn’t it. To imagine that kids play this game.

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