River Ganga Affecting lives in India

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Ganga River is one of the most scared rivers for the people who belong to Hindu religion; they call it Ganga mata (Ganga mother). They think it as the gateway of the other world, it is believe that Ganga is one of the purest rivers in which when a person douse in this pure water the God forgive his all sins and river washes him and he come out of that river as a new child. But now a day this pure and sacred river is facing a lot of problems.

Today’s Ganga is at the first place in the world’s most polluted rivers. According to the WHO the pollution of Ganga is three thousands time more than the standard of WHO, and it is effecting thousands of people every year who are relying it for food, some biologist has estimated that about twenty to twenty five thousand people in India become ill and some of them lost their live just because they were exposed to Ganga water.

There are many things due to which Ganga is becoming polluted, according to the institute of marine biology in India every day about one to one point five billion liters of raw untreated sewerage and litter is dumped in the sacred water, which is increased by twenty percent in last thirty year, and is increasing day by day. Every year thousands of bodies of dead, cattles and illegitimates children are dumped in the Ganga due to the religious purpose in the hope that their soul may go direct to the heavens, these bodies float on the surface of river and are ignored by the bathers nearby as they are making their selves pure.

The rapid explosion of industries has also affected the great Ganga Jumna, according to statistic the amount of coliform bacteria is three thousand more than from WHO standards. Every year in the religious months the population of Varanasi, a religious city at the bank of Ganga population increases to seventy five present, every month about ten thousand pilgrims comes on the bank of river to bath their sins and sip the holy water of Ganga mother, but there is no proper system of sanitation so many people dispose in the water this is also alarming.

Statistic says every year Ganga is affecting thousands of live which are depending on them and the people who eat fish of this contaminated water or take bath in it, but Government of India is not taking any serious action, many International organization has asked the government to take some action to ban the industries who dump chemicals in the river but all these request falls on deaf ears.


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