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Road safety is very important for all of us, infact it is one of the important issue now a days. The purpose of  this blog is to provide awareness to the people about road saftey.There are many things which come under the road safety .We will be discussing every thing  one by one in this and some of our next blogs.

Why road safety is important to us?.We all are aware of many deadly  accidents which happens around us due to not obeying the traffic laws properly.There are many modules of road safety .I will describe some of the major one by one in this blog.The first one comes under my knowledge is the traffic laws.In almost every country the traffic laws are available,the govenments have applied traffic laws on the people to control the traffic and for the sake of safety of the people, but many of us don’t follow these laws.we didn’t want to obey them.We found it very disgusting to follow all the rules.

 Some of our youngster found it very enjoying after breaking the Law.Law breaking seems very fun to them.But if we think for a second that why these laws were made, why our govrnments spend thounds of our budget on the road safety.The answer to this question is very simple.All these laws were made for us.All these laws include our own safety.

In our society  it is very common that many under age childrens , who are not even eligible for driving the vehicles  have vehicles, they are not only driving infact they are racing with each other. For example the bike driving is very dangerous in the countries like Pakistan ,where the roads are not good enough .It requires proper attention of a person to drive bike , but we can easily see many undrage childrens who drive bike very dangerously in our environment.This is a moment of think for all of us that is this safe for our society. The parents also need to take  steps to control their children  and provide their children  everything but on proper time and age.

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