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Let me start my blog with introducing the great Micky!

Micky-the-Slanted-Salerno's Role

Almost everyone in bitLanders' community had followed Micky-the-Slanted-Salerno and would wait for every announcement that he would be posting over on his blog or his microblog. Why is it that almost everyone is waiting for his announcement? Why is it that all bitLanders users patiently awaits for that posts? The answer - to stay updated.

I admit it, I only had followed Micky when there were already posts from other users about his new announcement. I am thankful for everyone that I had become friends here specifically to Own and Khokarjamal69 for updating us and everyone else with what's going on and what Micky is posting. From that time on, I become updated too! 

Micky-the-slanted-Salerno actually serves like a voice of the bitLanders team. He becomes the stream where the information is being distributed from the top of the management towards the users like me. While it has been known that it is Francesco who owns and is the founder of this site, he doesn't cater the communication responsibilities of the management to the users. He got of course more work to do since he is managing different sorts of companies and perhaps businesses as well.

Now why am I telling you this? 

Well, one thing straight - every user here in bitLanders should know what is going on with the site. 

And having Micky with bitLanders makes everything easier. It makes communication and information distribution indeed efficient and effective.Here's a timeline of what Micky had been provided to us, the users. The list isn't the entire blog updates by Micky but these are just some of the related topics on what we are concern right now.

Get More Buzz Bonuses for 5-Star High Quality Content

Getting double rewards for content reviews has a huge impact to every bitLanders user. It will not just increase your direct power ups but as well as the base buzz. I had been submitting lots of my contents for review for the past years and I had been blessed to receive good feedback on these blogs. However, getting double rewards for it would definitely be a game changer. 

 New Feature - Chat with other bitLanders!

Chatting directly to our co-bitLanders user had been requested for quite some time. Although we had the Inbox before for communicating, it was very different when having personal real time chat with the online users and friends.

Gladly, bitLanders had opened up the Global Chat! It had become more socially inclined and lots of users are having friends and enjoying conversations from the rest of the people around the site. Most of the users come from India, Pakistan and Philippines who had exchanged good convo together.

Introducing bitMiles - Collect and Redeem your Rewards

And we came to a point where bitLanders switched to a new technology. Bitcoins were out and bitMiles came into picture. The article on that blog post was about the new platform where we as users can manage the Rewards received and be able to exchange them for USD Paypal payments.

I had no issues with these changes and I am glad that bitLanders is able to introduce us to different kinds of technologies which are available in the web.

Aside from that there's an option to earn too through tasks that bitMiles provide on its own site. All the current tasks to fulfill and keep track of all the completed ones are available in the Dashboard.

How bitMiles Loyalty Points Work

Honestly speaking, I got very disappointed when the bitcoins was replaced with two fee sucker options. However, with these kinds of changes, everyone should respect the rules of the site. If you are not in favor or you have complaints on it, you are free to go and find another site which pays whatever option which you like. 

Together with the changes of the bitMiles reward system, there's also a change on the Payment options. When cashing out from the site, it is between Payza and PayPal. These are the legend for the conversion of bitMiles:

1 gBM = 1,000 kBM = 1,000,000 BM
1 kBM = 1,000 BM
1 gBM = 1,000,000 BM = approximately $1

Share your thoughts and Earn bitMiles points with the new bitLanders Survey Chat

The latest innovation with bitLanders is surprising. Hillary Summer is usually known for her being the review person of the articles and contents which we submit however, she has a new task at this point which is a Surveyor. 

But lately, it wasn't just Hillary Summers but Micky-the-Slanted-Salerno and bitLanders had joined the craze. These are bot ones so the questions and surveys are already pre-coded into the system. These guys will show up right in front of your chat box as soon as you launch the Chat option. See how the team welcomed me for the survey:

What's The Latest bitLanders News?

It was two weeks ago that this Chat Survey was launched. It has given yet another way for the bitLanders community to earn more bitMiles points. As soon as one starts to converse with the team, may it be bitLanders himself, Hillary Summers or Micky, each answer will add ten bitMiles points to our account balance. I wonder though if they will add Ballz into it. It would be fun for sure.

So how does this work? 

As soon as the Chat is launched, the bot will show up immediately telling us about the questions for the survey. As soon as the answer is selected, 10 bitMiles points will be added to our account. This is pretty easy as we don't have to enter our answers manually. Since it is a survey, clicking on the onscreen selections is the available option.

No typing, just click!

Survey Done But You Want More bitMiles?

The chat survey is available in a daily basis. It is limited to one exposure in a day. I believe this is a good way of making the survey to be fair to everyone. If you are unable to interact and participate in the survey, well you still have the next day to do so but you won't get more questions by visiting the Global Chat hundred times in a day. It would be a one time appearance per day. Once done, the next survey will come by the following day.

This was also mentioned in the blog posted by Micky-the-Slanted-Salerno when he first announced the launching of the Chat Surveys.

I on the other hand is not able to answer surveys that much. I usually would get to launch the Chat window in a three to four times in a week or an estimate of four days in a week. I don't have that much spare time to go to Global Chat before and type in for the chat messages which my co-bitLanders users are doing but since the Chat Survey was launched, I would try to visit the Chat as much as possible.

What are the Topics? 

Actually, this is also bugging me because the questions being asked during the chat survey seems to be more of from the United States. These were mostly questions about how the US Presidential Election is going on. The issues of the candidates and there were even questions which were out of this earth. I was shocked with a survey question asking me if I believe that Donald Trump is gay.

I don't think that is a good question though but that is something that I can just let it pass.

Then there were also question regarding the conflicts between countries and lot more. Honestly, I am out of idea of these topics. I can't relate at all!

However, also note that there's a disclaimer mentioned by Micky too:

If you have suggestions of questions and answers you would like to see in the Survey Chat, email them to us at (questions are limited to 150 characters and answers to 15 characters).  

See me in Action Below:

How To Gain More bitMiles with Chat Surveys

While providing bitMiles points in answering the bitMiles, the points which are given are still significantly lesser than what we as users would like to gain. This is pretty obvious and so I am glad that the double reward was again launched.

It has been awhile since bitLanders had opened up a new time for double rewards for blog topics. I still recall the first time that I had heard about it. I was in a Hiatus from bitLanders after being able to land a full time job and thought that I can continue working with bitLanders while also doing the full time job.

When I came back, I learned the double reward which will provide 30 direct power up buzz scores and return back the 10 gems used to submit the blog. I got very interested on it that even if my base buzz score at that time was below a hundred, I was able to bounce back and get to the leaderboard again in just a matter of days. That was a coincidence that I felt like going back to bitLanders and I never went to Hiatus again.

And now comes again the announcement from Micky that they will be rewarding the blogs about the Chat Survey with double rewards. Double rewards will run for a month and this was launched last week. 

Indeed, this will be an opportunity to all the bitLanders users because it will be a boost to each other's direct power up and also with the base buzz. These buzz scores will definitely increase and this is also the reason why I am writing this.


Community's Response

So let me then show you the reaction which Micky had received from the community after announcing the double reward for this topic. More and more blogs has been submitted for review and a lot of them had earned their 5 star points. Check just some of these blogs below:



  2. Spend Minutes with Hillary Summers and Get Rewarded

  3. BitLanders Survey Chats, the new way to earn bitMiles

  4. bitLanders Chat Gives bitMiles!


More and more blogs and videos are circulating now in the site. There's just one thing that I am hoping about. That is that hopefully, bitLanders team is really checking on each and every blogs posted and ensure that the article is original and was not copied from the internet.

 bitLanders Offer

 And before I end this blog, I just want to also share that as for the topics that bitLanders is offering, there will be more and more question categories and topics which will come to the Chat Survey. I had personally received an offer from the bitLanders team regarding questions which might be interesting to be added into the survey.

Yes of course, I would be more than willing to do so and I am definitely interested in this project. Unfortunately, I have missed to check my yahoo email inbox so it took more than a week for me to reply to the team. I do hope they are still open to negotiating this because they were asking for the hourly pay and the number of questions which I can provide.

Well, as soon as bitLanders agrees on that, I will look into how to get question surveys added into the poll. I am not very much informed about the United States issues so I do hope that the future questions will also be coming from our country or news about the country.


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