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This project describes the mobile robot and the main purpose of the robot is designed to allow developers to understand the basic building mobile robots. Mechanical stage and power stage: The project is divided into two main stages. Both episodes each.

Using Lego elements provided for the mechanical stage to form the body of the robot manufacturer. The most important principle in the area, is a lightweight robot designed to reduce the consumption of battery voltage.

With the builder after the transfer of all the circuit components for the electrical part of the strip chart form the board. Said circuit looks at mobile robot brain. It controls the entire operation of the robot. Therefore, the connection can lead construction to achieve the ultimate goal of this project.

This is the ultimate goal of the project is to design a circuit that is connected between the touch sensor and actuator. DC power supply or battery (9V) can show the robot can move forward after connecting with the results of the last section. Then after they accidentally bump against an obstacle, immediate support and either turn left or right. Finally, in order to move forward.


DPDT Relay


DPDT relay double-pole double-throw relay. It is an electrical switch. There are two changes this line terminal. Enable the polarity of the voltage to the relay used its main function is to change. Therefore, the mobile robot move forward and prevent against bumps and then move back.



Transistor semiconductor material is a combination of three parts. middle section Bank and other donors and collectors. Basic Power flows, the converted voltage characteristics of all transistors. The transmitter will also limit the current flowing into the collector. Based small changes can cause major changes between the emitter and collector. Therefore, the current source transistor relay and ensure that the robot is safe enough to allow the relay to change the current movement.



The capacitor is a component that can store an electrical charge. Capacity of Farad capacitor to store charge (F) relative to the device by their ability. Thus, the capacitor then move relay to switch the movement of the robot to keep it current.



Diodes agree flow in only one direction. the current direction of the arrow indicates to permit flow symbols. Circuit the mobile robot, and normally restrict movement diodes connected in series with a resistor as a safety feature to ensure a stable current.



Resistance is a two terminal electronic component. It is currently used to set the balance against the current by producing a voltage drop between the terminals. Ohms law, V = IR. Resistors (R) to flow through resistor (I) divided by the voltage drop across the resistor (V) are the same.

SPDT switch


SPST switch, a simple on-off switch. They are either connected or disconnected from each of the two terminals. Mobile robot is on, the SPDT switch is used as an electrical contact to supply ON and OFF.

Transfer instant communication


The mobile robot circuit, Instant Communication Switch is a function as a touch sensor. And when the key is pressed, power is shut off and the mobile robot will move backward. When the key switch is released, the power to heal and the robot will move forward again.



3 manually adjustable resistor potentiometer terminals. It acts as a voltage divider terminal 3 is used; When only two terminals function as a variable resistor. The main function of the potentiometer, therefore, to adjust the level of the voltage is input to control circuit.



Function battery supply voltages in electrical circuits and components.

DC Power Supply


DC electrical circuits and components function is to supply voltage.



Breadboard used to create a temporary circuit. Tested and available for work. Soldering unnecessary at this time because it is easy to change the user's connection.

Strip Board


Board strip is used to create a permanent electrical circuit. solder components necessary to ensure that you can connect all together.



Motor electrical energy to mechanical energy that moves back and forth to allow the mobile robot (voltage) is used for transformation.

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