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Level Up Your Robots & Earn More Satoshi
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What is Robot Coin Game?


  • Robot Coin Game was created to help people start off with Bitcoin. Basically, the more you level up, the more you earn.


When can I cashout?


  • You can cashout to once you reach Level 3, at 6,000 satoshis. Please keep in mind, when you cashout, you will start over at Level 1.


How do I level up?


  • There are two numbers you have to be aware of:
    1.Level Up- The amount of satoshi I have to earn within a level to level up.
    2.Next Level: The total balance my satoshi has to be to level up.
    For example, to get to level 3 from level 2, you have to claim 5,000 satoshi. The total balance has to be 6,000 because you claimed 1,000 satoshi from the last level.


Is there a referral program?


  • Due to the nature of the site and game, it would be a little too easy if someone levels up just by getting referrals. I want players to be engaged in the faucet and level up by coming to the site themselves, not gaining levels passively. Players will be able to get bonuses from sharing via Facebook and Twitter, and I am also in the process of creating a game where, depending on your score, you will get extra bonuses added to each claim 


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