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 Being a housewife/mom i would say is 1 of the most difficult jobs in this world..Yet it is classed to be the most easiest, chilled jobs anyone can do as it involves just being at home.......( As If!!!!!!!!!!!). Lets look at a normal job. That normaly starts @ 8.00 or 9.00 and finishes ' 5.00. Then you come home take a shower eat & rest. Being a housewife/mom is a job that is 24/7 no holidays, no leave if you fall ill and no money


You are on the go all day non stop & even all night if your child is unwell. Keeping up with housework, shopping & cooking is only something a woman can do if she is extremely organised. If for some reason she falls ill herself,there is no chance she can rest, she must carry on as normal. She has to create such a role & atmosphere in the house that will bring joy to all your family & home. Cooking healthy meals is important for the whole family.

Planning ahead what to cook helps to keep things organised. Children 7 husbands require good food when they come home from school or work. One should also try to her very best to keep the house clean as much as possible. An unpleasant untidy house can cause alot of stress within the family members. Children need clean clothes at all times as well as a clean tidy house. For alittle help you could map out a shedule on who does what job

. Running a house should be a joint family job. Waking up early with a positive thought can make such a huge difference to your day. I wouldnt advise oversleeping. It can effect your health negatively. Maintaining all the relations in the home is always down to the housewife/mom. She needs to create such an atmosphere that everybody feels loved & respected.......

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