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Press plays important role in our society. Press constitute on that members who provide information and take interviews from different people. Press in our society provides information about country affairs Government affairs and international affairs. They provide the society all kind of information and also transfer message to general public or general public message to Government.


They provide information through news channels, newspapers, radio etc. they aware the society about all the over world news. They provide all types of information like business information market information media information trade information government information entertainment and cricket information etc.


It is up to press that they have which kind of effect. There may be positive effect or negative effect on society. Positive Effect: If they provide true and real information then it has positive effect on the society. They should provide healthy information to the society. It is their duty to provide true and meaningful information to the society.


Negative Effect: If press provides un-true and un-meaningful information then it had negative effects on the society. Sometime press is providing information about sensitive issue of a country. It is not good because it destroy the image of the country. Sometimes they misbehave with the people who are against the ethics and moral values.


Press should provide fair information to society and they should be fair to their duties and to their country. 

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