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We live in a Islamic society and Islam give importance to the woman in the society and give them honorable and respectable status. woman have a right to live with freedom and spend their life for their own style. Woman have a right to choose the profession for herself.

In past, woman considered the inferior to the man and they were not considered the part of the social life. They work on the homes and take care of their children and other family members. Some woman's work in the field for their husbands and some preformed the domestic work.

They take care the domestic animals like pets, hens, and, goats. But last 5 to 10 years, the situation was changed. In this age the woman work in practical field. They get higher education in the modern universities and colleges and work in the field of medicine, engineering, architecture and so many other professions.

The women are the most active part of the society. There is no field where the women are not working with them and specially business, trading, industry, politics and even in the field of administration.

They are also in the police and military officers. They are working even as a pilots and as a fighter pilot. The woman also play a very important role in the field of sports like writing, hockey, cricket and so many other games. Woman are also a good lawyers.

  In spite of all this, the most important role of a women is the mother. The responsibilities of the mother to take care of their children and give them the knowledge of spending the life in a good manner.

In short woman are the important part of the society and they work very hard. They are a good mother as well as a good worker in a professional field and no one compete her.

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