Romantic Love Is Not Existed Originaly

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Romantic love is not existed originally. It's too damn bad when you see a sad girl or a sad boy. I'm wondering actually what the romantic love is?

Romantic love is care is call is observe and say great words and if you don't have any other word you have to find something really new to say to make your partner feel satisfied feel that you love him/her. I have to give her a real rose not a plastic rose…?! When the real rose is going to die and the plastic one is not. Why a call or more every day!?To know where you are to make sure that you are ok?!

Romantic love has been associating with Paranoia by the authors, radio and media. Romantic love have been a disease a cancer we read believe what we read and imagine what we read, watch and listen. We have to imitate what we read or listen or watch. What exactly you mean everything to me ?

The only thing I can say that I believe in LOVE not the romantic love. I love my family and sometimes I don't want to see my father for instance for weeks, although I love already. So… What does it mean that we have to talk to each other every day? After a while we find ourselves repeat the words we said before. Because we are acting during the relationship.

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