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Today in the multipurpose room held a living rosary only for elementary level, the interesting thing is that this rosary was prayed in english.

The degree of 4th and 5th primary participated in this great living rosary, the multipurpose room was decorated with images of Christ, the Virgin Mary, prayers in English and more. The girls were seated in order and carried with it a white flower where after praying a Hail Mary, this flower in front would be placed on an altar they did at the foot of a painting of the Virgin of Guadalupe.

Talking with the padre told me that girls to learn of this rosary became very excited and full of joy, it is an example of younger children out of school to the other and that the habit of talking with God will never miss and why not closer to him. The padre invited us to a friend and me to stay even for a while in the rosary and really liked me, girls involved much and did it with great devotion, that little while we were was very pleasing to me.