Rough Wedding

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Rough wedding horseplay kills!!!

Bridegroom almost died after guests spray dry powder extinguisher at him just before the wedding

A video recently circled around Chinese social media triggered a new wave of concern over rough wedding horseplay. In the video, a group of male guests sprayed dry powder from fire extinguisher at the bridegroom. The groom, after he eventually emerged from the smoke of powder, was seen choking and groaning loudly, almost unable to breathe. Some bystanders noticed the emergency and yelled for help. The bride was terrified abd kept screaming "water, get some water!" The bride's voices could be heard in the chaos asking “how can you be stupid enough to do this?!”


A happy wedding turns into a tragedy.
It is reported that inhale of dry powder could cause pneumonia and choking. An excessive inhale such as the one in the video could be lethal.


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