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Everyone is going bonkers over Kate Middleton and Prince William’s pregnancy as the media awaits news of the duchess of Cambridge’s new prince or princess outside St. Mary’s Hospital.


According to the E Network’s Mike Vulpo, “Kate Middleton’s due date has come and gone, the media frenzy has only just begun as outlets continue to wait patiently and try to keep their prime spots outside the hospital doors”.




The public across the world is completely infatuated with the duchess of Cambridge and her husband, Prince William.


As the royal couple awaits their new baby girl or boy, vendors have not skipped a beat and prance at the opportunity for business. Vendors have set-up shop near St. Mary’s Hospital in an effort to tempt shoppers, consumers and even reporters with adorable clothing and memorabilia.


The media is going nuts over the pregnancy. While dozens of reporters camp out of St. Mary’s, some speculate they have the wrong location.


According to the National Post, “The Telegraph reports that contingency plans have been made for the Duchess of Cambridge to deliver the future heir to the throne at the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading due to its proximity to her parents’ house in Bucklebury, Berkshire, where Kate is thought to be staying”.



However, the media will not risk losing their spot near St. Mary’s. This media-crazed pregnancyis definitely very stressful for the duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry never-mind the amount of pressure placed on the medical doctors handling the pregnancy.


But as the royals prepare for their new royal child, the price tag is definitely in the louds. According to the National Post, Lindo’s luxury birthing suites…can cost up to £10,000 ($15,000) and include satellite TV and catering, complete with a wine list.

This pregnancy sis very thrilling for all around the world; however, the media seems a bit too obsessed with trying to be a part of the birth, and not giving the royal couple their privacy.


The media-world is going bonkers over the royal pregnancy and birth of the little princess or prince but then again wouldn’t everyone if they were pregos?



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