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This blog made especially to the other woman of my brother. I just turn the Negative into Positive by composing this, not to make her famous, but for others to know it was not really nice to have a relationship with a married person and also to know how to act in a proper way and last to able to know how to have a peaceful and happy life.

1. To have simple and peaceful life, remember never never fall in love to a "Married" person.

2. Don't message the real wife and kids just to tell and show photos of yours and him as a proof that you're together, you message of course they will reply. Idiot

3. Don't post shout out about having an affair with the married man then showing you also have another kid with another man. Of course people will judge you and will not respect you.

4. If you have  past relationship and not succeeded because of your being flirt, learn from it. Try to be descent and stay loyal to your partner the next time around.

5. If you have a love child from the past relationship, "Focus on the child" don't look for another father or person who will support you. Be a good example, you're a parent now. If ever choose someone who's not in a relationship that will accept you and your child.

6. Learn to know if the men just using you for his needs and wants, not because you're always together it mean he loves you. Might he has nothing to rely on to give his needs.

7. Think before you post, speak and react. People will only respond according to your attitude and behavior. People will not get mad of you if you didn't involved yourself with a married man and if you didn't tease them by keep messaging them or posting about you and their relative.

8. You will get peace and happy life if you live simple and accept the fact you cannot be loved alone if you are a single mom, especially if you get involved or had a relationship with the married man. Being a other woman is not easy as what we seen in Movies and Teledramas. Try to look  for a man who is not on a relationship and willing to accept both you and your kid.

9. Break up with that man, he is not only yours, he has a family, a kids and real wife. Avoid him, no text no calls, don't met/see him. Don't disturb the real family.

10. Live your life together with your kid and with your real family, be contented for a while for being a single mom. Might someday the right man will come. Be kind, act and speak accordingly to gain respect.

Evilness never wins to a good deed. May the Lord guide all the souls of the other woman as well as the other man who's in this doing.

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