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British newspaper 'Sunday Times' ryham Khan in an interview after the publication of the first official if the idea did not prove that they would remain silent on the issue of divorce, although he repeated the question in an interview after the event which he did not '' Unforgettable '' and was the main reason for the divorce tunes, knayun they have many things to say and would hide with lots of skill, and did not even say anything The "Some were saying, 'Now the same day an article after the break their daily' The Guardian 'has appeared in.



The amazing thing is no disclosure in this article, but some of the things that have been circulating, commented in his style. In his article, he criticized his target before the media and said, 'My character assassination by the media, the reality is that people who have never met me, sit me how far reliable give information '. '' The whole country is my sister-in-law was meant to be and everyone is allowed to speak about me.

' Remember where happens, the sister of 'word first about the MQM chief Altaf Hussain had used them when they were Karachi Nine Zero was also invited,


but he still could not. 'Guardian' article about it in a strange claim has surfaced that were written for a Pakistani journal but not to the point of publication ascii alleged ryham Khan Secretary for the publication of a significant amount of demand which had refused to pay, then the article '' Guardian '' disappeared. Ryham Khan has been denied by the article no money was sought. Ryham Khan Imran Khan in his article or against justice charges, is in good words about them.

In his comments on the judgment of separation 'that I felt compelled baamr honorable exit is important, in the belief that with the incredible pressure on my husband over and he can concentrate on his mission forward. Love does not always cmtyn but sometimes it needs to be free. '"After reading these words, it is difficult to say that he intends to campaign against Imran Khan.

However it must be said they now understand this taboo subject and keep it in a manner that will continue. With the news of their divorce, it came to light that his report on the Khan was the bitterness and acrimony grows reached brawl but he denied. Pakistan Imran Khan's wedding senior journalist Arif Nizami first news break, was initially denied,

but later married again, probably in September, he reported that Imran Khan and the relationship between ryham Khan said. If the error is believed that increasing the separation may also arise. It also denied the news, but then Punjab and Sindh election news was confirmed a day before the separation. What was going to be silent on this issue ryham Khan.

After the news of the divorce he first came to Manchester reporters at a media conference where he announced the fact that Pakistan will come and media affiliation. Divorce about using the cricketing term issue was settled. He called on the media, he has been a huge amount. Arif Nizami now offer their channel has been debate and also that they will be given the opportunity to argue their point. See whether or not they accept the offer, but if they were connected to a channel in rough on this subject can talk. '' The Sunday Times' interview them and 'The Guardian' has been clear from the article that this chapter has not closed any time can open Pandora's Box.

'' The Sunday Times '' and '' Guardian '' serious and respected newspapers, the newspapers came the sensational color mixes can then, it's the content that is published in newspapers, it said in a sentence Imran Khan said that if the positive and negative news about ryham Khan dominated, ryham about that so far has been published by poison Khan had feared..

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