Safety Inspector Job Description

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  1. Participation in sessions of Basic Safety orientation and session of Toll Box Talk.

  2. Pre - job site visits at site to assess the hazard and device the measures to eliminate the risks.

  3. Participation in the work permit acceptor course and arrange to conduct the training for site Supervisors to qualify the same course before the site activities.

  4. To maintain a constant channel of communication with counterpart representing the customer to meet the target of Zero Injury and Zero accident through the project execution.

  5. Constant monitoring of field jobs and device for the compliance of preventive measures to eliminate the unsafe condition, unsafe working and unsafe acts in the prescribed area f commitment at the project site.

  6. Awareness and participation in HSE incentive scheme offered for the field staff.

  7. Participation in risk assessment studies along with the compliance of preventive measures recommended for risk oriented jobs.

  8. Fully conversant with the importance rigging studies during heavy lifting operation.

  9. Maintain a constant channel of communication among the senior and the junior levels of field management for the safe execution of jobs at site.

  10. Participation in providing the required inputs for the generation of HSE news bulletin of daily basis.

  11. Cable of conducting the safety audits and must incorporate the feedback for improving the level awareness of project work force.

  12. To prevent injuries, illness and investigate them for elimination of causes.

  13. Safety Audits must be conducted with the participation of HSE inspector.

  14. All unsafe acts and unsafe conditions must be corrected promptly before starting the work at site.

  15. Responsible for eliminating hazards.

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