Sahel Famine & Mali Coup

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Mali has been rocked by civil conflict and now military coup. Sahel is already in on doorstep of drought.To avoid a replay of similar deadly combination of drought, food shortages and conflict witnessed in the Horn of Africa just months earlier, UN and related agencies this time have sought to stay ahead of events. The UN Security Council will also join with a Presidential Statement according to “Security Council Report.” 

The Mali unrest appears to be at least in part a byproduct of the fall of Colonel Gaddafi. Tuareg mercenaries were apparently fighting on behalf of the Colonel. With no paying dictator or cause, it’s kind of like the old Western Series: “Have Gun, Will Travel.” The mercenaries have reignited a rebellion in Mali, not certain if for good cause or not, but the Mali President apparently was not fighting back hard enough for some of his own military commanders. In this case, he got overthrown by a Captain. It appears unfortunately everything gets cheaper in West Africa – a Captain gets to be revolutionary in Mali just like a Colonel in Libya. Ghana it was “Flight Lieutenant” Jerry Rawlings a couple of decades earlier. It Appears a bit of a Strange Film Script, one times too many - See our Blog for Video

The more immediate threat though is the rapidly evolving humanitarian crisis primarily linked to drought, creeping desert and failed crops. Drought is on the doorstep throughout the Sahel. Also See Blog for Video - The UN Security Council will tomorrow take one further step into at least providing rhetorical support in combating famine in the Sahel and now presumably supporting returning Mali to democracy.


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