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Salah is the second pillar of Islam. It has both individual significances & communal importance. The actual word "salah" is arabic & it means to communicate.
During salah the worshipper is therefore believed to be in direct communication with Allah (swt).

Some hadiths claim that salah is the ascension to heaven for a believer....meaning our salah is our " miraj".

Salah is a MUST..5 times a day..

It must be read facing towards the direction of the kaba known as the qibla.

Salah is started by the adhan which is a call to prayer that is poured out from every mosque with the melodious voice of the " Muadh dhin".

Salah offers muslims discipline and the chance to empty their minds and pour out their heartly whispers to allah (swt).
It is also very powerful for the believer spiritualy & physically as the body is engaged in prayer just as much as the soul.
Each & every movement in our salah carries deep spiritual importance. Every part of our body is turning all its attention to its creator. Muslims demonstrate their belief in Allahs greatness and their dependence on him in the act of prostration, known as the " sujjuh".

Salah can only be performed in the state of bodily purity. This means the person should always be in the state of purity & also in clean clothes. Without this state of purity salah cannot be observed.

This act of salah was first started by our beloved prophet muhammed (saws) who was 1st told to purify himself & stand before Allah (swt) in worship.
Eventualy this message was encouraged by his followers to do the same.
This very first act of salah is said to have happened during our prophets (sws) asencion to heaven known as the " miraj" , the miraculous journey transported from Jerusalam up to the heavens via " al- buraq". A horse with wings.....
Subhan 'Allah.....

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