Sales Managers Are Better Off As Sales Leaders:

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According to statistics, 44% of the sales people give up after when they hear first ‘NO’. For all the practical reasons, Selling is a tough job. Conversely, seller happens to face many hurdles while making his sale successful. Selling has always come up with many astonishing studies and one of them reveals that only 2% of the sales occur in the first meeting. This world is filled with finest sales professional that not just make their sales successful but who are they? Sales Managers or Leaders! Read on to explore.


Managers vs. Leaders:

One has to understand this concept as it holds a noteworthy significance. Manager is somewhat surrounded with formalities, deadlines and milestones. His responsibilities are as good as management functions like Plan, Organize, Lead and Control. You might flicker on for a second and stick to the word Lead. So all managers are leaders right! On the contrary, managers are supposed to lead but! This ‘but’ is a big pause because the manager surrounds himself with all the other responsibilities that make him lack leadership qualities. Consequently, manager is unable to inspire, encourage and motivate his/her team at the end of the day.


You might not have ever heard of any designation like Sales Leader. That’s not actually any management or executive position but an attribute or a charm in an individual. Leadership qualities have more than enough tendencies to make a sales manager shine out as a cynosure. Yes that’s true! Manager can be leader, people are looking for leader who boost up their internal potential and help them achieve their goals. The best part is that leader does not have any formal power over his followers, his leadership quality awards him that graceful power of words and power to lead.


Sales Leadership:

Leading in order to make a sale successful is one of the best and challenging jobs. Leadership starts making more influence when defined by true leaders. Leadership of finely defined by Peter Drucker, the dean of modern management. He said that “Effective leadership is not just about making speeches or being popular. In fact, leadership is defined by results, not attributes.”


Statistics say that, 63% of people who are requesting for any information will not buy for at least 3 months. That’s where sales leadership comes into an action, leaders motivate their team to lock the deal and hunt that sale. It’s not really that easy to be leader but there a few things one can learn from leaders;


  • Vision: Leaders have very clear vision of what they want and how will they be able to achieve it. They do not distract for their goal that makes a leader work upon strong strategies that will surely be appealing for client.
  • Empowerment: Leaders don’t have employees, they have a team instead. This one word tends to make a great difference in motivation, understanding and unity. Leader happens to encourage and inspire his team and they together achieve their target.
  • Result: All the effort can turn into future gossip if there is not result. Conversely, that’s not the case with leader but they lead with complete insight on all the other aspects. With the sensibilities and strategies, leaders finally achieve their goal and that the growth of company.


Importance of Sales Leader:

For all the practical and inspirational reasons, a team wants to follow a leader that has more than enough tendencies to turn a bunch of people into a team. Being a sales leader is considerably appreciable because it’s not about ‘I’ anyway, it’s more about ‘We’ instead. This is also one of the highly significant factors that make a great difference between a sales manager and a sales leader. Managers most of the time tend to adopt ‘I’ attitude where the truth of the matter is that ‘We’ attitude has always been successful globally. That’s the reason many organizations are heading on to adopt this fine strategy and looking of sales leaders instead of manager. Making it more authentic, sales leaders don’t cram a pitch presentation in order to hunt any sale. Conversely, they happen to dig into the logics and reasoning in order to be considerably persuasive and consequently they get what they want with a fair deal.


Vince Lombardi Said, “Leaders aren’t born, they are made. And they are made just like anything else, through hard work. And that’s the price we’ll have to pay to achieve that goal, or any goal.”


Improvement vs. Inspiration:


Improving any imperfection is as ordinary as fixing any math problem and that’s what managers do. On the contrary, it’s not the original path way of leaders because leader don’t improve they inspire instead. In short, managers make fixing from the crust but leaders inspire their team to mold any problem finely from the insight. Working on to the roots has always been the best and long-term solution.






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