Sam Haskins as Told by his Son Ludwig

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The following link (Click to Listen) is to a lecture given by Ludwig Haskins at Coventry University, the subject of which was his father, the legendary photographer Sam Haskins.

Ludwig in addition articulates beautifully his beliefs on photography and his desire in "helping you as young artists, to, if possible infect you with some of the passions and stories and keys of understanding and essences that will help you to take better, more powerful, more meaningful images."

We have quite a few photo books by numerous legends in our studio and it's fascinating to see Sam's 'Cowboy Kate'  originally published in 1964 continually attract a lot of attention from guests during shoots.

It was a treat to listen to Ludwig and if you are a photographer or simply love the art, this recording is well worth the investment of your time. If you are not familiar with this legend of photography, I suggest taking a look at his Wikipedia page. He had a storied career originally in advertising campaigns, only later in his life focusing on fashion photography. He has become an extraordinary influence to many including myself.

A Still from the Lecture

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