Samaploc Candy Recipe

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Samaploc Candy Recipe



* Ripe tamarind 100 pc
* Sugar
* water



How to cook:

1. Peel whole ripe tamarind and arrange well in a deep enamel basin.
2. Prepare syrup by using one part and one part water. Pour syrup
while hot to cover tamarind.
3. Allow tamarind to soak in one day.
4. Drain off syrup and cover with freshly prepared syrup made of
two parts sugar and one part water.
5. Soak for two to three days.
6. Continuously change the syrup until the tamarind becomes
sweet enough.
7. Carefully arrange sweetened tamarind in racks and dry.
Cover screen wire to keep off insects.
8. Finish the drying in an oven or solar drier at low temperature.
9. Wrap individually.



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