Satan, a true friend?

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He went to Hajj or you draw? Lisa's advice and tell me what you did with that camera? AFP

Looking back, I wonder, that it was the second time, but I had to kill local sheikh who was not far off the mark, it was probably my imagination. I caressed his neck and shouted angrily Who? Come in, do not be afraid? A spiral of smoke flying in the face of a man stood before me and said, 'He is now hoping to take.'

At first we were a little afraid to say it was the ghost of a big man to whom we owe, but the courage and asked, 'Who are you? Where are visited?

He laughed a glowing high in the air and smiling in a friendly tone, said, Hey, your best friends, some people call me the devil.

Ulaquth What we really need, and you, my friend? Are you in your senses? Go get deceived anyone else ! You azly my enemy, before he was expelled from paradise to us, now we're on the good, we are very good, we would not you Unlike the plaintiff in the clutch, we have just returned from the pilgrimage, the breath will not hit the mark with your I said stiff neck.

He struck a resounding laughter and barely restrained laughter and replied, Oh What pilgrimage to you? He went to Hajj or you draw? Lisa's advice and tell me what you did with that camera? They were so convinced you that the house in the background, location, Arafat, the angle of the Prophet's Mosque should be pretty much like the Facebook photo of themselves in the cave, and gave advice? For which you had not head down to two minutes. Were changing the color of my face and he was speaking, your attention toward God was not only ... And ...

Aurchk I stopped him and said a show of hands, the Hajj is accepted by Allah, Who are you to judge? If you are a huge cannons were then brave man when he stopped on the motorway straight heavy trailer alone how many people had been saved, the brakes, and the driver handed over Managua had been a could cause a major accident? A turning point in changing radically and stabbed.

It is true that the human spirit is awakened in man, so it does not affect me , but I was there, in her mind, she was told I remember it was in the. He replied with a smile. I was surprised to hear the answer and that I would never win this wretched feet so will landscapes. Get rid of it before it rejected last question, if things go well, aside from the one that says Shirley had left you that you are my best friend, untenable Hey Satan! It is unfounded because you eventually? I did not expect this from you, if you were disappointed devil community for centuries the good of humankind's most important duty was actively doing, so you do question the wisdom of said mark, you do not know friend from foe?

Instead of being angry to answer this very question put to rest upside down, well, tell me what you consider to be your friend? I replied, thinking that the man who is faithful to me, understand, hard times me on my strengths and weaknesses as well as to accept, a person can say my best friend. As soon as I finished talking and laughing in the air, he laughs loud and replied, Oh I'm so unreasonable man, your best friend who is more faithful to me? Every thought into everything I do, and the best time of your most useful advice I give to you the joy, my life because of your color.

Such? I asked shocked. He answered immediately, what you nydluayy gold watch? The old man who had forgotten it in the washing and you lifted and he was asking about the clock with worshipers who had been advised to stay tukamus? The shopkeeper had residual error 300 instead of 200 and you had to keep quiet, because you had gained Rs 100 on the night ....

Before he does this in his word, he turned and suddenly started running. Sir Pitt was going to run away, but the devil got laughter echoing in my ears constantly , where I ran husband had gone to hear a lot more to say? It sounds like I was running was traveling with me, I'm a friend of yours, your flaws, despite some good Yielding will not leave, I will not end up with will keep betrayal Thanks!

Just call to prayer echo and so I went to the mosque, had been silent voices of Satan, the atmosphere was relaxed, comfortable walking to reach the door of the mosque, such as putting the right foot over the threshold of the Amir Iqbal's msrh tearing sound of silence echoed in my ears,

If your heart is what you will get acquainted Sanam prayer

My head hangs in shame before God, I was going to eat her sense of incapacity , had tears in his eyes, two hands were raised in honor of the Merciful, was seeking friendship with God, asking Him was released from the rich to the poor would be, I knocked on the door of repentance, tears of regret filled his voice reassured and confident. I was not late ... Yes still not too late ....

If there is no gain saying the tongue

Nothing if not old enough heart and eye

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