Save for the future.

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If you have saved something, then you have something to spend in the future.

My sister asked me earlier for money.  I don’t have available cash on hand because I used my last money to buy load for my phone.  Since working at home, I don’t have the need to have cash on hand and I don’t spend a lot now.  I only withdraw from the ATM the money I need to spend.

I like collecting new bills and save them for future use.  Those newly printed bills without creases or folds.  What I do with a few of them is insert them in the books in my room.  Most of the time I don’t give much thought about those bills until I forget about them only to remember them when I don’t have money on hand just like today.  My books served as piggy bank for these bills.

I searched for the pockets of my jeans and jackets but found nothing.  I now I still have some in my bag that I used when we went out of town a few days ago only to find out there is none.  That’s when I remembered my books.

So today, I opened one of the books in my room and found out I have a few bills there.  I gave some of the money to my sister.  Unfortunately, that is the only book with bills in them.

Today, I am reminded again:

  • Learn how to save for it will benefit you in the future.
  • Seek and you shall find.


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