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                                           Save Water Save Life

Earth consists of 71% of water. Sea water contains 96% of all water. Only few percent is available for drinking. It occurred in form of sea water, ground water, fresh water etc.


Every life on earth needs water to complete their daily life function. Let take example of human on earth. It is highly recommended for human to drink water to prevent de-hydration. According to body weight about 80% of male is consisted of water.  In newly born babies it constitutes about 75% of body weight. These result based on biostatistics.  And not 100% fit for everyone. These are based on statistical analyses called biostatistics. Following figure show the use of water in human body.


Over body utilize water for proper functioning. And it is recommended for human to drink three liters/day and for women 2.2 liters/day by institute of medicine. There is 8/8 rule is popular for drinking water. Means drink 8 ounce of water daily. It does not mean to drink 8 ounces. In fact it reflects that drink at least 8 ounce of water per day.


Now it clearly evident that without water human life is not possible. And we are misusing water. We are careless about the importance of water. Industries caused water pollution. They drain out their waste into water, rivers or lakes directly or indirectly. Which contain very toxic material like arsenic which causes liver cancer in human body and a symbol of threat for hepatitis C.


And we often not tight properly our taps after using water or use water in very rough way. This ultimately is causing wastage of water. We can ask the importance of water from African people who are facing water starvation and dying due to unavailability of water. Water sources are going through depletion. Ground water is one of the basic sources of drinking water. Tube wells drain out the ground water and use for agriculture as well as for drinking purposes. The well depth is increasing because load on water increases and water level decreasing. As a consequence tube well owner to have drill in more depth with this the cost of pumping also increasing. On the other hands river, lakes are other sources of water for use as drinking and cultivation of crops. These come from the seepage of ground water. Tube well and other process of draining out the ground water is disturbing the rivers and lake water. This is an alarming condition for the entire human on planet.


So it’s a big appeal for all of you that “Save water to Save life”. Prevent it from contamination and loss. Because water more important than gold for a thirsty man.