Say NO to Spamming and YES to !!!

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Say NO to Spamming and YES to

Hey guys I am back with my words as I already indicate in my recent blog that I am going to write on spamming in my upcoming blog so I fulfill my promise in well stipulated time. Writing about Spamming is like morality for me as showing right path to users is a good deed. I have seen many newbies doing spamming so I want to tell them that spamming is never going to help them in fact this may cause danger to them.

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Word Spamming:

Well spamming is sending the same message to large number of internet user according to google.

But here spamming on is vaster then doing spamming on internet. And that could done by many ways on

Spamming is a term used for making fake buzzes, fake influences and fake data interpretation and could be done using many ways.


I am going to discuss the ways in detail by which spamming is performed.

Spamming on Bitlanders:

Usually spammers don’t leave any place to perform the dirty task (Spamming) so they use every single chance of spamming which they get. Here are some types,

Using Global Chat:

The most easy and basic step by spammers to perform spamming is Global Chat because they find Global Chat quite working as many users are online in one single conversation so they don’t have to perform spamming again and again they just send a message in Global Chat asking for buzzes or Buzz deal, subscription deal, different kind of wording is used but the fact is they are doing spamming and others should discourage them. Using of any other language than English in global chat is forbidden if you do the same you can be blocked or terminated as this is also a case of Spamming. However you can use any language in private chat that is admissible.

Source: Bitlanders global chat edited snapshot

Private Chat:

Some spammers are too active they also use private chat for spamming asking for deals. Different kind of words used like 20 20 which means 20 buzz deal (you do 20 buzzes to my post and I’ll do 20 to yours in elaboration). Be aware of Spammers and kick out them.

Source: Bitlanders edited by me

By commenting on posts:

You will find very famous comment by spammers and that is “I buzzed and subscribed you please buzz and sub back to me”. And what you should do is to warn the spammer that he will be blocked if he do this again. You can find these kind of words on many posts if they are not in a mood to be good just made a complain to Mr. Micky he will handle further.

Source: Bitlanders edited by me

Repetition of content:

Repetition of content also lies in Spamming as many users post same, useless and meaningless content for making their influence high by taking buzz deal and that s**ks. By posting same content again and again in no gap of time these users make their numbers increase.

Fabrication or Plagiarism:

What is Plagiarism?

Copy or stealing of someone’s data and showing the data as your own.

So Plagiarism is also prohibited as you cannot gain benefit on the work of other nothing is as easy as everyone want, hard work is needed in any situation whether it is physical or mental. This is the rule of the nature “life is a bed of throne” so build on your own.

Source: Google

Posting inappropriate content:

You cannot post any inappropriate content for catching eyes of others, like Pornography content or any other 18+ content like brutality videos or pictures. Please keep the clean and fully social web.

Using of Robot Buzz:

I have seen some users in Global Chat saying that “I have automatic buzz increase app please contact me”. I wonder whether they have this app or not but I want everyone to stay away from that kind of user. Because I already told you that build yourself on your own don’t rely on others as no one can think for your good other than you.

Source: Bitlanders global chat

These are some basic spamming ways you should avoid.

And your task doesn’t end by just avoiding the spamming content but also try to educate the spammers to leave spamming. Try to convince them that Spamming isn’t beneficial for any one there are many other things you can do than Spamming.

If not spamming than what?

Bundle of thing you can do other than Spamming for earning and much faster way than spamming.

Writing Blogs and submit for Review:

The very first and faster way is to write a unique blog your own on any interested topic and submit for review (10 GEMS needed to submit one content) after submission Ms. Hillary Summers will review your content when free and will rate the content accordingly by analyzing your skills and presentation. The most interesting thing about Ms. Hillary Summers that he will also tell your weak points after reviewing your content for your next try.

Source: Bitlanders edited by Chusspa

Sharing a helpful tutorial for newbies so they can write, publish, add images and video links easily just watch a three minutes video and enjoy for future endeavour.

Source: Youtube

Gallery Review:

Visit any interesting place and capture high qualities pictures by yourself post the picture on Bitlanders with comprehensive note and submit for review and the same review will be done by Ms. Hillary Summers I told before.

Making of Unique Videos:

Shoot any unique video and submit for review.

Source: Mentioned on Snap

Conclusion and Suggestion:

Well I am not making my blog complicated by writing limitless and irrelevant data that is why I wrote a limited blog for better understanding. As far as my concern when I watched the video interview of Mr. Francesco Rulli he said that the website is created for giving REWARD and enhancing EDUCATION of the people. So for me YES bitlanders is a better platform for “Give your opinions and be rewarded”. What the first step you should take against Spammers is to just unsubscribe them i am sharing a short video with an evidence of spamming to unsubscribe the person. This video has been recorded by a bitlanders user but as i watched this video on youtube so by me source is

Source: Youtube


Source: Google

And Suggestion for Spammers is,

Inspect of giving your precious time to Spamming use your time in making a good blog or any unique content which I mentioned above for earning and this will increase both Earning + Skills. I made every snapshot blur for giving second chance to Spammers as for me everybody deserves a second chance so kick Spamming and try hard for success. Nothing is personal i just tried to show right path so "Keep calm and think".

Hope you like my work so bye bye take care and remember “Say NO to Spamming and YES to”. 

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