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A man asked Muhammad (PBUH) what the sign was where by he might know the reality of his faith?Muhammad (PBUH) Said,”If thou derivest pleasure from the good which thou hast performed & thou be grieved for the evil which thou hast committed thou art a true believer” 

“Guard yourself against six things,& I am your security for the paradise;when you speak,speak the truth;fulfill when you pronice;discharge your trust;be chaste in thought & action;& with hold your hand from striking & from taking that which is unlawful & bad.
Knowledge of god is my capital
Enthusiasm is my horse;
Firmness is my treasure;
Sorrow is my companion;
Science is my weapon;
Patience is my mantle;
Poverty is my pride;
Struggle is my manner;
Truth is my redeemer;
Obedience is my sufficiency;
Conviction is my power;
Devotion is my art;
Love is my foundation;
Reason is the root of my faith;
Remembrance of god is my friend;
Contentment is my booty;and My pleasure is in my prayers.


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