Scaffolding Safety Procedure

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Scaffolding is  a temporary elevated work platform, either supported from below or suspended form above, on which workers sit or stand to perform the tasks at height above the ground.


  1. Only trained and experienced Scaffolders will erect/alter/ dismantler           Scaffold.
  2.     Supervisor to ensure that a valid Permit to work is available before             start of the job applicable.
  3.     Supervisor to ensure that Toll Box Talk is conducted before start the           job.
  4.     Safe activity pre – check list sheet to be filled on daily basis before start     of the job.
  5.     Un- authorized personnel to keep away.
  6.     Helmet with chain strap to be used.
  7.     Scaffolders to secure their toe board to prevent falling object hazard.
  8.     Area barricaded and sign posted.
  9.     No simultaneous operation.
  10.    Scaffold Material not obstructing access.
  11.    Approved container and bucket for lifting loose material.
  12.    Trained supervisor and foreman will supervise.
  13.    Approved full body harness to be worn and anchored properly.
  14.    During erection and on incomplete scaffolding, Red tag to be displayed.
  15.    After the completion of erection job, Supervisor will install the Green tag along with signature followed by valid date.


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