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Be informed. Below are lists of Bitcoin websites proven as scam. This was copied from a reliable website called

0-9 What a pretty site this is. A complete scam, but well presented. 29/06/14 / There is a lot wrong with this site. No https is the first red flag, and it looks and feels like ponzi. Ask for evidence before you invest in this scheme. We are awaiting any proof of real mining. 17/03/2015 How do they 10x your Btc in a day? They don't. They 10x their own. 31/08/14 Another BitATT scam clone, another thief. 03/03/2015 Bitcoin x 100 If you fall victim to this scam - it is your own fault. 14/01/2015 The Crypto world is swamped with these. Yet another multiplier scam. 22/02/2015 Just send 5000 Doge that you no longer need, and this scam will happily take them off your hands. 27/01/2015 It's a ponzi and a gamble. Remember, these sites don't often tell the truth. 04/02/2015 / 
The 10x your Btc Scam - always is and always will be just a robber. 06/09/14 All multipliers are scams run by slimy thieves. This is no exception 21/02/2015 - all you need is 12 more suckers to sign up and you probably still won't get your funds back. Sad isn't it. 23/05/14

'120% payment within 1 day. 5% payment every hour' /
He's at it again. It's a scam, he will steal your Bitcoin. Wix sites are never to be trusted. 27/07/14 This probably relates to how many bitcoins they want to steal before they disappear. 02/03/2015 - Offers 120% return. How?  Ponzi or Scam, take your pick, or choose both 26/03/14 Hyip/Scam 6/05/2015 A hyip a day keeps your bitcoin away. Don't give your btc to these hyip thieves. 21/04/2015 Another scam bitcoin multiplier. Keep your bitcoin safe. 19/12/14 The scamsector is now saturated with these doublers. Don't be fooled. It's a Ponzi scam just like all of them. 31/01/2015 Return 5000% in a day, are you pissed? 10/09/14

24 Exchanger & X Exchanger & JR Money Exchange &  First-exchanger & Zeo Changer and J-Changer
All the same scammer 03/06/14 Another pic of a cheeky chappie with his thumb in the air - it should be up his ass with this scamsite. 09/10/14 It's yet another bitcoin multiplier scamsite. They just keep coming. 25/10/14 Another BitATT scam clone 02/03/2015 The latest scam coin multiplier. They all run for the hills with your bitcoin, please learn this undeniable fact. 04/04/2015 A hyip/scam 27/03/2015 The Russians are coming, and they are bringing their hyip scams with them. 06/03/2015 Not very inventive - just the scam  relocated. 29/11/14 - The mining pool. It has stopped paying, and it looks like the host has done a runner. 16/06/14 Don't waste your time on this faucet. You will get 1 satoshi. Not what they claim. tested 27/04/2015

5555BTC or
Despite the claims - no reason whatsoever to trust this. No site contact either. If this is your site - get in touch 25/05/14 A very straightforward Scam Multiplier. These sites just steal from you. 20/02/2015 Lots of complaints about this site not paying. Don't waste your time clicking in this PTC 06/10/14 Every link leads you to a scam. 26/10/14 "ponzi done right" How true, it's a ponzi, and you've just been done - right. 9/04/2015 A very obvious scam. We've given Sherlock the night off. 15/10/14 should be nein deposit. It's a scam after your dosh in any demonination. 15/09/14


A / Assured Assets This is a typo. It should read Assured Scammers. 30/10/14 Multiply your coins - blah de blah. Of course they won't, but they will keep any that you send. 30/01/2015 Keep 'em coming. There are fewer suckers than ponzi's to steal from them now. In fact, the more ponzi's the better. None of you will get a return. 23/01/2015 (see PTCircle) 25/06/14 One more from those hyip scammers. 27/12/14 & - We advise caution - send no more than you are prepared to lose. There is no trace anywhere of any company called 'Alfa East Ltd. ' Unless you know better? Traces back to Russia 05/06/14 (and - Alpha Technologies (UK) have nothing to do with the real Dexcel Designs (India), there will never be an Alpha Miner, it's a scam. you will NEVER get your mining kit. Sorry. 12/04/14 An Ecuadorian hosted, Russian hyip/scam. Thats what we call globalism. 21/04/2015 -. Another HYIP crossover. Don't give these people your money 20/05/14

AltSwap Mineco  Iluveunc  Firemine
These scams are associated with one serial scammer. 05/06/14

Amhash & Havelock Big losers in these failed schemes. Bct thread here & here Hopefully, this site will be gone by April. Perhaps it's an early April Fools joke? Anyway, it's a ponzi for sure. 24/02/2015 The site gives the impression that it's the real apple. Whoever it is, it isn't apple. Be wary. 11/09/14 A basic hyip scam. Don't invest, these hyips are simple thieves. 22/11/14 The first hyip of the day, and I'm still on my first coffee. Stay away, it's a scam. 12/09/14 That's our hyip fix for today. This site should carry a health warning. 14/10/14 / This is a freehosted site sending out a lot of spam mail about asic hardware. No hard evidence yet, but it appears scammy so far. 09/11/14 - It's not looking good for this 'supplier' check out the ongoing story here 21/04/14 A hyip/scam 27/03/2015 - HYIP/Scam 01/07/14 These scams are coming thick and fast right now. You will lose your btc to this scamsite. 29/11/14 This halfarsed scam will steal Btc and Ltc if you are stupid enough to send it. 26/02/2015,, & 4 dodgy little sites on a free weebly host. We have yet to see an honest weebly...They won't pay you. 03/08/14 Another scam mining site. Don't send any money or Btc to these crooks. 22/03/2015 / Dynamic Money Adders Inc Whatever the software does - it isn't going to be pleasant. Please don't risk loading this scamware 05/10/14

B/Bit Is it even worth listing this? It's a ponzi of sorts, but come on - if you fall for this, just unplug your computer and give up. 14/12/14 We've been watching this evolve, and can find no redeeming featiures to this site. It is a blatant ponzi. The payments mostly involve paying themselves their own bitcoin to inflate the logs. Don't trust it - we don't. 10/11/14 - or Barclays Royal Club - From the same scammers that bring you our top 5 scams, comes this new scam - Try again scammers, we're keeping up with you 10/03/14 This entire site is a clone (word for word) of the recently defunct PBMining. Don't even go close to this scam 29/12/14 Site reg'd June 2014, unlicensed, misinformation on mainpage and exchanges to PayPal. What could possibly go wrong. 09/08/14 These bitcoin hyip scams are coming in thick and fast today. 01/07/14 No https, and Nuneaton is in the UK, not in jiangsu province where this Wuxi Yillian scam originates. 12/12/14 Or it could be called, whatever it is, it isn't mining - oh and no SSL either 06/12/14 The complete lack of SSL is justification to list this shady operation - so we will. 03/11/14 Never in the history of scams, has a scam been as scammy as this scam. 26/04/2015 Another site sending you to nothing but scams. 27/03/2015 Nothing is right about this site. They sell SSL but don't even use it on their own logins? Don't take the risk. 11/10/14 They say there's no smoke without fire - and you can't see this site for smoke. Follow the topic here;topicseen 20/02/2015 Legitimate UK company my arse. It's just another twist from the hyip scammers. 24/02/2015
Another HYIP/Ponzi. Stay Clear 18/05/14

Biddoge / Bitcoin on full automatic

This is a BAD wix site, leading you to the best of the worst 28/10/14 Oh those russians!! Give this scamsite a very wide berth. 06/11/14 see Mybigcoin Double in 100 hours - more like run off with your coins in 99 hours. 09/03/2015 Littlecock would be a better title. Yet another thief that wants your coins 16/02/2015 One from the hyip stable. Nothing is what it seems. 24/01/2015 - (Dr Michael Moriarty) Let's keep this simple. This site WILL steal your money. Just don't send it, and yes - we told you so. 08/10/14 No SSL, fake brands and so much more. Tobacco cannot legally be posted, and it's probably counterfeit goods. It's your risk 16/09/14
Update - Confirmed, They will also steal your bitcoin and not ship 24/11/14 - (Dr Michael Moriarty) - Now bbc.bitbillions - keep that ponzi going, you'll go into a round robin of sites hosted by the same firm - Inc GBBG, Iwantacar (eventually) and others - 16/03/14 - ---- We've looked again at this site on 07/05/14 and the upcoming 'Matrix' is just a sub pyramid of this apparent pyramid. Every pyramid has it's limits, and right now you only have 'points'. This continues to make absolutely no sense. Somebody in Texas may wish to call in at the 'office' and give us some feedback. - (Dr Michael Moriarty) (Dr Michael Moriarty) (Dr Michael Moriarty) - Will anybody actually give to this halfarsed scam? Probably, so we'll list it. 06/07/14 These people will not double your Bitcoin, they will double their own Bitcoin if you are foolish enough to send them any. 19/07/14

Bit Chest bitchest by name, bitchest by nature. Lots of reports now, and the payouts are like a revolving door back to bitchest. 23/09/14

Bitclubnetwork(s).com - Just don't get involved. Site yet to launch, but it is from a bad stable. 03/09/14
Update - we were right - it is a scam when it finally launched 14/12/14 If you send bitcoin, they will give you half of it back. They claim. 27/03/2015 Another one from the HYIP Crowd. 11/05/14 Going with that Oil theme again for this hyip scamsite. 03/03/2015

Bitcoin Mixed reports about this ptc/game. Too many complaints to ignore though, many users not getting paid. 17/04/2015 
This scam Ptc is back up. It disappeared about a year back. It won't pay you. Same site, same issues. 25/05/14,, What this guy thinks he's up to, we have no idea. Fraudster at every level. Charity Scams. Scum. Goes by the name of Marek Skorek 06/06/14

Bitcoin Booster
 Issue 1 - you are sending money & your bitcoin address. Issue 2 - you are getting something probably bad, back to your email address. Issue 3 - It's weebly. Just don't. 31/10/14 Yet another bitcoin ponzi scheme. It will end in tears. 02/03/2015 Another scam coin multiplier. Do they actually rake in any mugs nowadays? 30/03/2015

Bitcoin Chef - Promises interest in 1hr, may return small deposits while building trust and then takes your big deposit. And the owner information is completely faked. Avoid this Bad Boy and if you have any information on his identity or whereabouts - contact us. 27/02/2014 This ponzi is pretty amateurish as scams go. 27/03/2015,, What this guy thinks he's up to, we have no idea. Fraudster at every level. 06/06/14 This scammer only has one design, he just keeps changing the name. Don't go near this scheme if you value your Btc. 24/09/14 This is a scam disguised as mining. Please stick with the trustworthy sites. 29/06/14 and Two  Cloudmining sites to miss. 03/05/14 Fishy - is the best way to describe this site. Show us your tackle Boys? Go on whip it out, let's see your mining kit. 08/07/14 Bitcointalk link We've seen it all before. It's a multiple ponzi and you'll never get your bitcoin back. Associated with the fake 07/10/14 This is a Phishing Site, and apparently has a nasty payload within a video link. Stay well clear. 19/02/2015 The classic bitcoin scam, you will lose your money in these short lived ponzi's. 29/04/2015 - Pyramid or Ponzi it has nothing credible to redeem it. Our advice is steer clear. 21/03/14 - A ponzi that's been running since 2013 - Bad reports on all forums 18/03/14

That same wix hosted thief. 03/07/14 This is just another Boiler Room / Hyip. Don't fall for it. 22/03/2015

Bitcoin Funding Union - @BitcoinFU on twitter - will try to get you to click a link - Don't, it leads to a pandoras box - 10/03/14 Please please don't believe a site which thinks there are 50btc in a block!! This software has to be bad. 30/12/14 DO NOT DOWNLOAD that file. It will do nasty things to your PC. 06/01/2015 Another BITaTT clone, and just another scam. 25/02/2015 This site went away for a while, but now it's back. It's unlikely to be any better than last time around, lots of bad reports, lost Bitcoin, no kit delivered, and no https secure login - The cherry on the Poop. 3/04/14

Bitcoin Hyip
 Every site on here is a scam. 20/12/14 - So many ways to lose your Bitcoin in one place - we're genuinely impressed. Stay away Folks. 12/05/14 Buy bitcoin with two untraceable non refundable payment methods? Are you insane 11/05/2015 This scamsite 'ain't gonna make you rich, it's just gonna rob you. 28/04/2015 A good site that's gone bad. Don't send money here, it will disappear. Yet another BF Member - there's trust for you. 31/08/14 Another new bitcoin hyip set up to steal your money. 04/01/2015 Has absolutely nothing to do with Bitcoin - and nothing to do with Investments either. 12/05/14 Poorly pirated images, etc. Avoid this obvious scamsite. 30/01/2015 Every link goes to a similarly styled hyip type scamsite. 03/02/2015 Another cloudmining site that makes no sense. Our advice is to ask for proof. NO evidence - no investment. Simple. 28/12/14 They even have a little graphic that shows you it's a ponzi. Sorry - this won't make you rich. 08/02/2015 A pretty shoddy copy of the BitATT scam. You WILL get robbed here. 06/03/2015 Already outed as a scam - credit to  Cryptocoinsnews, and we concur. 29/04/2015 and yet another china-miner site pops up. Another hardworking bitcoiner is on to these, follow the thread at Bitcointalk 14/10/14 or The BTC Club
Since when does a chinese supplier come from Bangalore? Stay clear of these serial scams. You won't receive any kit. 11/08/14  There is no evidence of any mining kit or provenance. Be wary of this site. Don't be the one to discover it's bad. 20/06/14
Update - 10/10/14, we now have reports that this site is definitely a scam. If it was honest, it would be a straightforward 10:1 Ponzi. But like all Ponzi's the intentions are dishonest from Day1 29/05/14 - Address in Tallin, phone number in UK, This STINKS ! 08/03/14 A russian ponzi site - like we need another ponzi 10/03/2015 PayPal & Bitcoin is a bad mix. No https - Our advice is don't risk it. 16/03/2015 - Installs plugin that mines using YOUR resources, but no way will you get paid. Cute. 18/03/14 Oh they cheat alright, don't be dumb enough to download from these scoundrels. 29/11/14 it's a reincarnation of the Phishing scam - DON'T GIVE THEM YOUR DETAILS 17/04/14 Not a 10x scam, or a 5x scam - but it's a 2x scam. Don't fall for these multipliers, they are all thieves. 03/11/14 The first new scam doubler of 2015. There will be many more. 03/01/2015 The irony. This is a Moriarty Site, one of the worst scammers. Anything on this site is complete bollocks 21/08/14

Bitcoinsimple - also on Twitter as @BitcoinSimple. This is an obvious Ponzi. Don't be a sucker. 14/05/14 The site is currently down. Hope it stays down - don't download this potential  malware. 06/07/14 Another scam bitcoin multiplier to add to the badlist. 06/12/14 - A clear Ponzi, watch those payouts grind to a halt anytime soon. We somehow lost this from our list - but it's back now 08/05/14 - (Dr Michael Moriarty) has gone offline. John Carley issued the following statement.
15/10/14 A pretty basic hyip/scam, also based in India. 21/12/14 Yet another poxy hyip/scam after your bitcoin. 15/02/2015
(not to be confused with the legitimate
 Not yet launched, but when it is launched - stay well clear. From the scammer who brought you '' 16/12/14 - this one has just appeared and ticks all the wrong boxes. It has all the elements of the classic ponzi - tell us if you have lost btc to this please. 29/02/2014

Bitcoin x100 / & &

Bitcoin doesn't multiply - it isn't magic. Please stop falling for these scam multipliers. 16/12/14 It's like Deja Vu - all these doubler scams are so similar. 24/02/2015 Pay them 3k to then install fakeware. You must be joking. Please don't fall for this dodgier than usual scheme. 09/08/14 300% in a month - Yeah right. At somebody's expense. 13/03/2015 These hyips are coming daily now. They steal a lot of money, and fools keep thinking they can beat the scammer. 16/01/2015 Reports coming in that this is a Btc-flow ponzi clone. You pay for level ups, then the ponzi bans you. Not best practice really. 28/02/2015 - This isn't the real Bitcurex Exchange - Stay Clear 18/03/14 - It tells you it's a ponzi - To lull you into a false sense of insight, what it doesn't tell you is that they will probably run off with your Btc - like all their predecessors. Your Bitcoin - Your Risk 11/03/14 At this stage we advise caution. Nothing checks out around this operation. 29/07/14 - We thought it had gone - This is a daft Ponzi and we don't know of anybody getting paid out recently. 22/03/14 Unlimited earnings - right up until the ponzi hits the brick wall, or the admin steals everbodys bitcoin. 20/12/14 or 2x Bitdual
Links you to a scam Blockchain site
 another scam Bitcoin Doubler. Sigh. 07/08/14 Yet another BitATT Clone. That scam format is easy to copy, but they must be running out of mugs by now. 28/02/2015 We are receiving complaints about this new russian site not doing what it claims. Lack of SSL/https is a big red flag. 17/04/2015 - Classic con, return the first few payments, then steal everything after that. From the same scammer as 23/04/14 A great site - if you never want to be paid out. However, if you DO want to be paid out, this isn't the PTC site for you 25/08/14 (Dr Michael Moriarty) (Dr Michael Moriarty) (Dr Michael Moriarty) They want your bitcoin, and they won't give it back. Another scam multiplier. 19/02/2015 Almost a replica of Coincompound, Which is quite apt - as they are both Ponzi's. Please stop giving to these schemes 27/03/14 A plain and simple scam. 100% chance of losing your investment at the time of the crooks choosing. 28/07/14

Bithourly / Don't believe a word of it. This is just an iteration of a tried and trustless scam 03/05/14 (Dr Michael Moriarty) Another scam from Eastern Europe. Don't lose your Btc trying. 14/12/14 Bad reports about this supposed exchange. Anyway, why would a california company run their site from Russia? 11/03/2015

Bitinvest / 0/10 Must Try Harder. The forged company docs belong to an air-con business, it's not the only con. 29/10/14 Another weebly hosted con merchant. Bitcoin doesn't multiply - it isn't bunny shaped for starters. 07/10/14

Bitiply / Bitiplyny & variants. Started life on tor, watch out for this 04/12/14 Is undoubtedly a scam. Just stay clear, they just wait for the big mug to come along. 06/08/14 (Dr Michael Moriarty) (Dr Michael Moriarty) (Dr Michael Moriarty) This site doesn't even tell you what you are buying. Send them money if you no longer want it yourself. 28/08/14 - Bad reports about this site. We can see why. But then if you use this site, you are probably as bad as the crook who runs it 20/05/14 - (Dr Michael Moriarty) Yes of course it's a ponzi scam, like 99% of the sites right now. 12/03/2015 If you send funds to this russian site - you'll lose them to a thief. 23/04/2015 Another russian scam coin doubler. Expect to lose your coins. 17/03/2015 (Dr Michael Moriarty Need we say more. 23/03/2015 yet another thieving hyip/scam to NOT send money or bitcoin to. 24/04/2015 It is a hyip/ponzi and you should expect to lose your money. 9/05/2015 - Associated with a known russian scammer 17/01/2015 (Dr Michael Moriarty) (Dr Michael Moriarty) (Dr Michael Moriarty) (Dr Michael Moriarty) (Dr Michael Moriarty) It's just another scam multiplier. Don't try it please. You'll only lose your bitcoin. 28/10/14

Bittoc - It's an out and out rip. Don't put into ithis scam. 30/04/14 Just a hyip/scam Don't lose your money to these serial thieves. 8/04/2015 - Despite the 'Up Front' impression, the site doesn't mention how they make money, which says a lot. You risk your Btc, and you are handing it to a complete stranger. 23/04/14 - Even the level ups and bank completions are fake on this site. 
False contact details, location, logs - Don't go there - you WILL lose your coins (all crypto's -they take 'em all)  27/02/2014 (Dr Michael Moriarty) (Dr Michael Moriarty) It's another Ponzi/Scam from 'expert investors' They aren't investors, they are thieves. They WILL steal your Bitcoin 28/07/14 & He's duplicated it from his domain, because we're on it. Same twat, and don't believe those logs, they are often his own addresses. 20/08/14 (Dr Michael Moriarty) (Dr Michael Moriarty) more of the same old Ponzi/Scam - Don't EVER believe the logs on these scam sites. Everything is illusion. 03/05/14 - Uses genuine graphics to make a convincing enough site -  it's a scam. 22/04/14 The scammers will try anything to steal your coins. Dazzle you with brilliance - or like this site, baffle you with bulls#it. 13/02/2015 The scammer behind this site has 2 braincells - but they aren't connected. Sigh. 17/08/14

BTC / We have reports of these related ptc sites not paying out. Your risk. 19/12/14 This site is still only in Russian, but expect this scam in a language of your choice soon. 12/07/14 The old "Highly qualified investment team" spiel. So why do they need you? Because it's all lies and theft as usual. 07/04/2015 yes it's a ponzi. 02/03/2015 What have we told you about bitcoin & paypal, like oil & water, they don't mix. People are getting scammed by this site. Works in conjunction with No SSL on either site? Alarm bells time. 23/11/14 /
This scam only promises to double your Btc. They still just steal it though. Bitcoin doesn't double by magic. 10/10/14 - Claims great returns on 'Arbitrage' - love that word. Anyway, the numbers shout PONZI. We've looked into this, and it makes us very nervous 18/03/14
This is a thinly disguised scam. Bitcoin generally doesn't earn Interest - There is no Base Rate for starters. Thanks to a Btc user for the report 21/05/14 / Janus Innovation. It's just another scam coin doubler. 17/03/2015 (See PTCircle) 25/06/14 Just a hyip/ponzi to avoid. 31/03/2015 What a silly concept. Workers would indicate some sort of work, but no, it's a half-baked ponzi. 27/04/2015 Just DON'T download from this site. Scans show malware in btcprotradingv3.exe and btcpropredictionv1.exe. 07/11/14 / Bitcoin 2x Those cheesy looking people on the main pix should be enough to scare you away from this scamsite. 12/01/2015 and any address starting with - Used by phishing scammers 30/03/14 Is this the BTCgaw scammers at it again? We reckon so. No such company, no ssl, all means no way is it legit. 23/04/2015 It is a Ponzi, a weird Ponzi, but a Ponzi nonetheless. Withdrawal threshold rising as well. 20/02/2015 We nearly made it a day without a hyip. Not quite. Avoid this ponzi scam. 31/08/14 Don't fall for this scam. They WILL steal your money. 10/04/2015 Exposed by Cointelegraph as behind a few scam exchanges. 19/02/2015
This supposed faucet site is asking you to download software. DON'T be the one to find out what it does. 21/06/14 Another scam multiplier - bitcoin doesn't earn interest for nothing. 20/12/14 - This is relaunched - they fake the logs, fake the level ups and then they WILL STEAL YOUR MONEY 20/04/14

Btc Invest Compani
Should we bother to list this? Are any of you THAT stupid. 16/03/2015 A pretty poorly put together scam multiplier. If you fall for this, you really are not safe to own bitcoin. 7/05/2015 As ever, it's a scam. Guaranteed returns? This promise should always be your first warning. Get rich quick? afraid not. You just lose your bitcoin to this scam. 04/11/14
Btcjams is a ptc video site. We have bad reports of accounts cleared, work not paid etc. Our advice is stay clear of this site. 09/07/14 No you don't need a shower - it's this site that stinks. Stay clear - stay happy. 07/08/14 PayPal Reverse scamming is all too common, and we have reports that this is the latest. 23/12/14

BTCm No such company registered - the transaction log is BS - Stay well clear peeps 09/09/14 A Wix (free) hosted scamsite. Yet another multiplier. 04/03/2015

BTCMakerforyou or
 A formulaic scamsite, bitcoins don't multiply, they aren't rabbits. 04/09/14 / BitcoinMasters / BtcMasters A clone of a popular crypto scamsite. 01/03/2015 'Matrix' is just another name for Ponzi. From their own faq. this is a 10:1 Ponzi, and that isn't allowing for whatever they take. No email address, so screw them, they're listed without warning. 29/06/14 / Mirbox
This is, they have added the BTC to the start. Doesn't make it any better though, it's still a scam. 22/06/14 / BitcoinMLM An MLM has product, which means that this is a Ponzi, not an MLM 26/11/14 What have we told you about bitcoin? That's right IT CAN NOT MULTIPLY. Its magic, but it ain't that magic, this site and others like it just steal bitcoin from suckers. 06/04/2015 or B.P.G. Ltd
The real BPG Ltd are surveyors and nothing to do with this Hyip/Ponzi/Scam 27/06/14 What a nicely presented ponzi/hyip/scam. 10/10 for effort. 12/04/2015 A scam to steal your coins - professionally steal them in this case. 30/04/2015 Somebody profits from this, but not you, just the thief who runs it. 09/03/2015 Don't risk it. None of the claims check out.These scams are common, and the  PayPal aspect just adds more risk. 01/06/14 - Bad Bad - Stay Clear, Return is not what your Btc will do ! 06/04/14 Quick Bitcoin Investment. It's a plain Scam. Stay away. 09/07/14 This russian scamsite is totally insecure and offers you absolutely nothing. Stay well clear. 31/12/14 - associated with a known russian scammer. 17/01/2015 Using the BT Logo, but this hyip is just a scam. Nothing to do with BT the Phone Company. 8/10/2015 Lots of red flags - No SSL, and... Yes it's a scam. 03/12/14 / Btc SmartInvest
The only good thing about this scam Bitcoin investment operation, is that it is only 1 day old. 11/09/14 A multiplier scam. 16/03/2015 (Dr Michael Moriarty) - This was reported to us.  Info goes to a convenience address. We suggest that you don't risk this. 21/05/14,, Bitcoinaid.or  What this guy thinks he's up to, we have no idea. Fraudster at every level. Charity Scams. Scum. Goes by the name of Marek Skorek 06/06/14 Does what it says on the tin. You transfer your money and Btc to them, they keep it. Avoid this hyip/scam 3/05/2015 / Bitcoin x100
Bitcoin doesn't multiply - it isn't magic. Please stop falling for these scam multipliers. 16/12/14 - This is yet another 'Double your Bitcoin' scam. They have always been scams, and always will will be. Bitcoin doesn't double like magic. 20/06/14 (Dr Michael Moriarty)

Btrade or - from the same scam group as many scams listed. This format is wearing thin now and we are looking for the next twist. 13/03/14 Stinger being the operative word. Don't send to this russian scamsite. 10/04/2015 (Dr Michael Moriarty) Lack of SSL, freehosted, this site should have flies on it, because it's a crock of s#@% 13/11/14 This site is now unavailable - just as we were midway in our investigation. Ah well, saves us some work. 11/05/2015 Complaints that this site isn't paying. We are yet to receive a reply from the host. 25/06/14 The risks with an unlicensed exchanger leave you wide open to having your funds lost or seized. This site may have good intent - but the law has other ideas. This admin,  ( ) has a long and varied history in many schemes, mlm's and ponzi's. 15/12/14


C A very well designed "Boiler Room" scam. Make it flashy and professional looking, people may fall for it. Don't. These people are professional crooks. 29/04/2015 A long running site.
If you advertise, you are giving the revenue to scammers. The ever rising payout threshold scam means people can never reach payout for their work. Your work here benefits only the scammers. Go for low threshold PTC's.
Oh. And no https on login. 01/07/14 &
2 related hyip/ponzi/scams to stay away from. Money does not have the properties of your god(s), it isn't magic. 08/07/14 We certainly aren't convinced. Bitcoin is P2P - No Post Req'd. There is some evidence of transactions, but it is anonymous, and YOUR risk. 05/09/14 Just a dreadfully formulaic hyip. You WILL lose your bitcoin. 25/10/14 This scam is using details from a dormant company. Don't go near it. 16/10/14
Update 09/11/14, they have now altered the UK company details to cryptoserver Ltd, it doesn't alter their original cockup. It's a scam. 25/11/14 Hyip/Scam 06/05/2015 now This is the Golden Cows scam reborn. Lovely design by these scammers 24/09/14 - A rework of previous H/w scams by a serial african scammer by the name of chris,who needs to be boiled in Camel Piss !! Goes by the email   08/05/14 The tap is turned off according to many reports. Don't waste your time & work, you won't get paid. 01/03/2015 
(See PTCircle) 25/06/14 This is an exercise in using lots of words, but saying absolutely nothing. Of course it's a scam. 23/04/2015 Hyip/Scam - you could spot this scam through the wrong end of a telescope. 07/08/14 No secure login/registration, no evidence of real mining, need we go on? Ok, and it looks more like a ponzi than mining. 18/03/2015

Click2Dad or Click2Btc Much, very much Bitcoins. But don't bother - because they won't pay you. We have  more reports about this site than any other 03/06/14 Reports about this site not paying, and the host is uncontactable. Looks like a wide berth is required. 07/05/14
We've found out the Idiot who runs this site has regularly shopped his friends to the police to try to save himself from some other trouble. As for this site, a rising cashout threshold means you will never be paid for your clicks.
email this halfwit with your comments to *Relisted* 27/07/14
Re-Listing. We have now seen evidence that the photo's of the mining kit are old and edited. Ooops. There goes one of our strikes. (First listed 24/06/14) / Cloudhashers
The site is down for now - but may reappear. Anyway - it's a scamsite. 03/12/14 Love the photoshopped images (spot the cables or ID's) This anonymised site has no user security, or real mining for that matter. 09/12/14 Pending a response to our enquiries, we would advise you to hold off investing in this unproven mining operator. 19/11/14 200% in a year - or even their own 'CSC' Coin. Don't all rush at once to this dodgy offering. 13/02/2015 A 2x2 matrix just means mini ponzi. It's a scam like all ponzi's 6/05/2015 (Dr Michael Moriarty) This site isn't paying since 9th September. Don't use it. 06/10/14

Coinbrook Ltd, Don't be fooled by the UK Ltd Co. This is to try to add trust where there is none. Total Scam. 15/09/15 If you even understand the site you are doing well, but it is just a Ponzi/scam 09/03/2015 (Dr Michael Moriarty) (Dr Michael Moriarty) A flashy site, but don't be fooled - it's just a hyip/scam 17/03/2015 - These Ponzi's are coming thick and fast, usually from russia or nigeria and still parting fools and their Bitcoin. Read our Tips section PLEASE 26/03/14 - They'll arbitrage your bitcoin alright - just not back to you. It's a familiar format, Ponzi/Scam 14/04/14 There are more doubler scams than fools to fall for them now. Don't be that fool. 21/03/2015 Look. This site is run by a thief, nothing it says is true - Shock News!!! Thieves lie to you. Whatever next eh. 21/01/2015 (formerly A misleading supposed news site dedicated to the destruction of Cryptocurrency by their  misreporting 14/04/2015 - Is starting to emerge as a scam - don't go there. We're a little late on this, but it supports our warnings about cloud mining contracts. 13/06/14 - A clearly stated Pyramid, and the most basic website we've seen since 1990. You would be a FOOL to deposit. 09/05/14 - SCAM or DigitalGeneration. This has been going a while, but the software is faked, keyloggers and screenloggers built in, and doesn't do what it says. It's a Ponzi/Pyramid. don't invest 06/05/14 - It IS a Ponzi, run by liars and cheats. Stay Clear. 01/07/14 yet another scam on the domain. 21/02/2015 Crypto-exchange If we ever get a reply from the site owner, we'll let you know. Stick with the Big exchanges for safety. 30/04/14 - This is definitely a Ponzi, the rest appears a bit strange - Please don't risk your Bitcoin 16/03/14 A basic scam multiplier. Don't let your first bitcoin payments go to a thief. 26/03/2015 One of many scam coin doublers. 19/03/2015 
Not what it says on the tin - two sites are running, one encrypted, one not. We do not have much confidence in this site. It should be noted that this site appears in a lot of HYIP reviews. Is the mining real?
Well it would appear not. Updated 05/06/14 Not associated with COINSCloud. No evidence of any real mining, Lot's of other issues. & no SSL, A Very High Risk. 13/07/14 Here we go again - will you 'investors' never get the message? It is a thief, it isn't santa claus. 20/01/2015 A typical bitcoin ponzi, no different to any coin multiplier scam. 20/04/2015
We are looking into this new site, it doesn't add up so far, be cautious. 04/10/14
Reports coming in that members are getting nervous. Please avoid this scheme.
And now it is really screwed. Payouts going elsewhere etc. It's a scam. So, you pay them to 'Cloud Mine' but  the estimated returns are impossible and scream PONZI. We advise you to steer clear of this strange Estonian operation. 20/08/14
It looks like this scam is finally imploding. Some very big losers to emerge. 06/02/2015
15/04/2015 Site now down completely. These ponzi's don't realise that the feds are on to them. Many ponzi admins can expect an ealy morning wake-up call. 08/03/2015 A really cheesy design, and just another scam ponzi. 04/04/2015 Another one that has it's own 'client' software. Scam.
(first listed apr 14) Another copycat hyip scamsite to avoid. 12/01/2015 Another scam bitcoin multiplier. You WILL get robbed by this serial scammer 20/11/14 Incredible - if all these multipliers work, there will be 42M Btc. They don't work, they are all scams.31/01/2015 A scammer trying to sell you a scam. Messy. 23/03/2015 A typical example of a hyip scam. Don't send money or coins, you simply give them to a slimy thief. 28/04/2015 (See PTCircle) 25/06/14 Crude, crappy, and other 'c' words spring to mind. Another hyip scamsite 16/01/2015 These (russian?) scammers are working hard on the web design, but don't be fooled. 08/09/14 Just a clone coinsdoubler - You know they just steal it all. 29/03/2015 Just don't go here - nasty things will move in to your PC. 8/05/2015 Found this scam at the expo tonight. The testimonials are all faked, so the whole operation is probably just as fake. 05/12/14 Another hyip to scam lose your Bitcoin and money to. 18/09/14
Jackpot Ponzi
 If you didn't lose your coins to cryptodouble, why not lose them to this ponzi. 13/01/2015 where have you gone...... We should have a prize for best poem. Site disappeared on 18/06/14 If we find anything right about this site - we'll let you know. It is very high risk. Don't give them your NI / NIE number. 24/07/14 Another scam doubler. Remember - these people lie, they fake the input & output logs to look good, but all they are there for is to steal your money. 01/03/2015 Another scam from the hyip crew. Slimy people. 07/04/2015
Another malware distributor. Don't download their scamware. 08/11/14 This mega ponzi have now added Paycoin to the coins they steal. 20/12/14 / Cryptoex Another scam doubler. 02/03/2015 A pretty formulaic Ponzi. It certainly isn't  a mining operation. Hosted in Russia, probably from a Kazakhstan scammer in  Temirtau. Stay Clear or risk losing your investment 14/07/14 (Dr Michael Moriarty) This exact scam will appear on many domains. This is the latest. 26/02/2015 Yet another scam coin multiplier. There is no real investment - there is just a thief trying to fool you. 21/04/2015 The numbers say Ponzi. There is no way that cloudmining will return those rates. Stay clear of this scam operation. 28/12/14 - This fake review site will lead you to ALL Scams - Saves you a lot of surfing at least. 06/03/14 Don't show them your silly side. If you fancy being reckless, try bungee jumping. It's a scam 19/10/14 Multi rounds just mean more rake for these crooks. All Ponzi's are bad news. 10/03/2014 Yet another scam doubler 06/02/2015 A ponzi - on every level. 19/03/2015 It's a scam. Stay clear of this fake mining site 23/10/14 A classic coin multiplier scam. The logs are faked - They are just thieves. 9/05/2015 All multipliers are scams that steal your money. As is this one. 28/04/2015 The next in a new rush of scam doublers. Go on - give your bitcoin to scum. 8/01/2015 The site is currently unavailable, but if it's up, it's worth avoiding. Impossible returns just shout Ponzi. 25/10/14 A pyramid scheme is just another name for a Ponzi. 15/03/2015 Yet another Ponzi. All Ponzis inevitably fail and leave a lot of people broke. 13/02/2015 5-4-3-2-1 and you're moneys gone. This Soyuz rocket only goes down in flames. Of course it's a scam. 21/01/2015

Cryptory / Dublin Cryptorium It's been going a while, but we'd better list it. It's well known as a Hyip (Ponzi) and not a genuine miner. Lots of alerts, our advice would be to stay clear. We visit the site often, to chuckle at the video of all the old HP Servers and tape libraries in pieces. Not much good for mining crypto's 03/06/14 It might help them if Dutch scammers learned how to spell Cardiff. This fake reg has been used on previous scams. 09/10/14  It's not a game - it's just another damnable ponzi scam. 08/03/2015
The clue is in the title. 18/02/2015 *Note the spelling sLocks not sTocks*
This is designed to phish your login details. Easy to fall for it, so be EXTRA careful to check. 18/06/14 A ponzi/scam that does what it says. You send your crypto - they split. You never see it again.. 12/04/2015 Yet another hyip scamsite to add. 12/01/2015 Yet another scam coin doubler. how many more can we take. 1/05/2015 This scam is mining you, not digital currency. Don't be fooled. 24/04/2015

CryptoTraderBot( DON'T download - this is the Cryptobot Ransomware - Download and you are toast. 26/11/14
Removal Guide HERE As always, it's a total scam, faked payment logs etc. 03/03/2015
Related to &
The cryptodouble format. This russian scamsite will steal over 200 Currencies. Don't think you can beat the scammer. A lot of smartass people thought they could outsmart cryptodouble - and lost everything. 17/01/2015 These sites are run by crooks who LIE TO YOU to steal your money. Don't believe the logs, or anything else. 22/02/2015 Cycler, doubler, ponzi, hyip all mean the same thing, Scammer who wants to steal as much of your money as they can. 18/01/2015


D This is aimed at the russians. Every link is already in our badlst. &,,,
These are all known asian DRK Scamsites. Thanks to the Darkcoin community for these. 03/01/2015 The site has No SSL - avoid it for this reason alone, although reports are coming in that it is a scam. No https=NO WAY 10/12/14 Another of these bloody HYIP's. These are all just old school cons. They WILL steal Bitcoin. 15/06/14 That's our hyip listed for today then. That feels much better. 14/07/14 Paypal and Bitcoin are like Oil and Water, they just don't mix. It's just another unlicensed fool. 11/08/14 - They say you will never resist. But DO RESIST, It's a scam 22/05/14 - Will try to sell you Mining kit. They are a FAKE site. Confirmed by the REAL Dexcel Designs (India) 23/01/14
They have since changed the name to Alpha Technologies (a trademark of DEC) A bad bad scammer. Don't be foolish and trust this site, anything can happen to your PC and you will really regret it. 03/07/14 or Bitmine if you refer to the faq, Just don't believe a syllable. 25/03/2015 / Dineromatic (Malware detected) and It tells you it isn't a ponzi, but rest assured, it's a ponzi. 29/10/14 At this time, stay clear as there is no SSL on login, but we think the problems go deeper. ie claims it is french, but site traces to Poland - we're on it. 20/10/14

What is this scammer trying to do - add credibility to Dogecoin? 09/07/14 A russian language site that takes you to lot's of different Ponzi/Hyip so called investments. All scams. 16/07/14 A scam multiplier. 27/03/2015 Just the classic Bitcoin Scam. Double your Bitcoin, we mine, blah de blah 17/06/14 No. It doesn't. It's a Ponzi and it will STEAL your bitcoins. 18/02/2015
Double your losses if you send to this scam multiplier. 12/03/2015 Another bl**dy PONZI 27/02/2015 Aaarrrghhhh.... These ponzi doubler scams are more common than salt. 16/03/2015 Yes, another scam doubler. The thieves play on your greed. 06/02/2015 Looks like Ponzi's are the only scam idea that these halfwits can come up with to steal your coins. Be grateful that they are so dumb. 12/03/2015 'tis witchcraft !! - Oh no, sorry, it's just another sorry halfwit scam. 09/07/14

Double your bitcoins in 5 days!!
Another WIX Hosted scam. 08/06/14

Double your coins in 100 hours They just keep coming. As always it's a scam. 14/02/2015 And most of these china miner sites. They are advertising again - stay clear. This is a serial scammer. You won't get cheap kit, you'll get robbed. Check our badlist 09/07/14 & .net - They got suspended from the dot com host. 09/09/14

Dragonminer, LightningAsic, and Minerscube. All related Scams. Many thanks to a reporter for the info 06/05/14 - It's a Ponzi, will it take your Bitcoin? - Probably, because they have no reason not to 17/03/14 Oh dear - how bad does a site have to be. This

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