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Studying has been always a great wish and opportunity for all girls of Afghanistan. They have tried more to get their rights and stand in the same level with boys. After dark years and the girls’ hard efforts, they are able to have the same opportunities in education with boy at least in some cities. Sonia Yusofi is a great example of this issue.

Sonila Yusofi was born in 1375 in Herat city. Based on some problems she made to move to Pakistan with her family and live there for more years. When they were living in Pakistan, hardly she could attend in one of the best schools, by her father perpetual efforts. During her learning in school, she registered to an English course and learns this international language.

 She was studying in Pakistan, until fifth class, and then she returned to Afghanistan with positive and prosperous ideas, and continued her education in Majuba Hiravi High School. Now she is an active and great student of Majuba Hiravi high school, and an attendee of social media class that think her future bright and blooming. 


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