School Rehabilitation: What to do?

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Many students who are on the way to graduate or even to another school year take lower marks or lower than the ideal grade in some subjects. Is it the teacher's fault? Of course not! So it's the student's fault? Maybe, but it's not all the fault of one or the other. This post is for you who is a student of a Teaching Institution(school, college, language course, ...)

Regardless of the situation, enjoy the half year that you have ahead and turn the game to your advantage. Maybe you'll take the vacation faster than you expected. If you are the parent of a child, or even a college student who took a low mark in the first half of the year, it is still not a lost case. To help in these situations, I wrote down eight examples where four of them are for lack of attention and irresponsibility of the student, and another four is because lack of behavior.

1. I can't pay attention on what my teacher says, especially in classes of annoying subjects. I prefer listening to music, drawing, tweeting, or doing something to keep me entertained.

OK, one class or another can be boring because of too much talk or too much content. Maybe you need to talk to the teacher so he/she can change his/her teaching method and make the class more motivated. In other situations, you may be the only one who finds the class boring and the others not, so the problem is not the class, but another issue bothers you. Maybe a family problem?

2. I love talking in the class because it distracts me until the breaktime when I open up my feelings and all the important things of the day to talk with my BFFs.

Do you think talking in the middle of the lesson is more important than asking questions to your teacher? You're very wrong. You want to talk, fine, but talk about the class, even if it's a bit off topic. Who knows what you think and say is part of the class. We're in the Modern Era.

3. I copy everything that the teacher writes on the blackboard, but when I get home I can not understand anything correctly.

Here's a tip. Copy everything on the board, but also note what the teacher will explain with the content being displayed on the board. The same goes for Powerpoint presentations. Annotating keywords to remember the explanation is also a great idea. ;)

4. At home I prefer to study where someone from my family is present, either with the television on or sending texts by whatsapp.

I agree that social networks are great and always have that favorite afternoon program that we like to watch, but if you do not organize your time to study and another to rest, you will end up with red grade again.

5. I always forgot the dates for everything. The dates of delivery of the works and, sometimes, even of the tests. I mess up a lot with the material and take the wrong book or forget the calculator and the dictionary ...

That is why there are schedules, alarms, postits and the message board. It's always good to pack up everything you need one day before you go to school, even if you only study in the afternoon or at night.

6. I never liked to study a little every day. I always leave to take the books and study what is in the notebook the day before the test or I will forget everything.

That's not true, you don't forge everything, you gain more reasoning and your memory saves up to six weeks what you have studied over the days before the exam's eve. So, on the exam's eve you do not have to read all that again, just review or look at the summaries you did while studying before. This helps more than getting knocked out overnight by studying non-stop and thinking you're going to decorate everything.

7. I hate homeworks and tasks in class. Especially if it is worth note or when I know that the teacher will look at our workbook. So I do it quickly one day before the delivery date and before bedtime.

If it is a short duty without many pages to read everything, well it's ok. But the idea is to do your homework on the day that was passed. In case of the tasks in class, did not give up the time, show what you did at least for the teacher to understand that you dedicated yourself and did not stop doing the task.

8. I am ashamed to take my doubts with the teacher, mainly because I know that I will make a mistake and go wrong. That's why I'd rather try to take the doubts at home alone after class. But I can not always do that because I can't understand anything without help.

Who said that classroom is a place to become ashamed or turn into mocking reason because you answered wrong or asked a stupid question? Classroom is a place of coexistence, a place to take the doubts and learn. That is why the dictation was created: '' We learn by making mistakes. ''

  • Note that each sentence is explaining a single excuse for studying.
  • The options 1,3,5 and 7 are light situations where it requires perhaps a new way of learning the same content as the others. Some people have mental or neurological disturbance and for this reason may not learn the same way as people without disturbance, but everyone can develop and learn to deal with it.
  • The options 2,4,6 and 8 are heavy situations, that is, hesitation of those who are enrolled to learn. Do not want to study, simple, do not enroll in an Educational Institution and you will live freely, soon you will feel your life becoming dull and without new inspirations. There are few ones who can live by being illiterate or without mathematics.

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