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Learn knowledge from cradle up to grave.

School is a place for education.

School is a place which we learn knowledge.

School is second home for every one because students pass most of their time.

School is a place for children and young in school which improve their talent.

The first school for everyone is his family and the first teachers are parent .They which learnus every ting about our element.

By studying in school we can achieve our purpose infuture,  improve and we can be advantage person for society.

Schools can be classified in to three parts:the primary school, the secondary school, the high school, although this classification is not same in all countries.

In every part we can get good achievement and every part is useful for student.

When school has good surrounding and understanding teachers and good equipment like library, laboratory, playground, computer and internet club student can learn better.

When school has remarkable and beautiful surrounding students are interest school.

Some students fear from school and don’t like go to school and for solve of this problem, teachers must speak with them and help them, especially in primary section.

Also teachers must know intelligent students and discover their talent.

Addition beside teachers, parents help their children until their children pass this period.

Finally school is best place because answer our question and know scientist,Inventors, prophets, about

Our religion and Allah and also know our talent, and all people help until schools development all over the world and school especially in our country.



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