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What is school?

School is one of the place which we learn the knowledge, science and a good feeling about all creatures, and also we will learn the humanitarian and peace, the people which they learn some thing from school they will have a good future and will live in peace embrace.

School is the first step of our development, every one which they have the high position or they are the most famous , they passed from school, let me till i say you about my babyhood when i was not in school every day I had insisted to my father till he register me to school, he had answered me the one answer repeatlly ‘’ my dear son you are so small’’ but I had insisted repeatlly , one day my family was not inform , me and my cousin had went to our school and we had registered our self , it was the first day that I started my real life and one step of the my success.

But it is mention able, at first all the boys and girls continue there school i mean there lesson by zeal, but when they pass some year, they do not pay attention on their lessons uninterested.

I recommend all the people of Afghanistan till they register their sons and girls to school till they make their future and future of the country.

Unfortunatly in our country is the fight and unsecure for all till they continue their lessons , the war , poverty and other negatives have gave hand to hand for not going to schools.

The girls which most of the people say its shame learning for girls, it is not acceptable, and it is an ignorance and they are not inform from Islam relهgion, because Islam says that learning is obligation for man and for woman, but they forbid the girls to go to school.

I hope till we have the good schools, peace and a powerful country till we live in peace embrace.

writer: Hekmatullah Aziz

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I am hekmatullah and i am from ghazni province of Afghanistan i graduated from school at 2009 and now im student of journalism at kabul universtiy

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