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The man is progressing in field of science and technology every day. He is inventing new technologies and improving old ones. Every day he is taking one step beyond in the field of science and technology. These know-hows improve his life style and make his life easy.

Due to modern inventions man can cover the distance of days in hours, two people at two different edges of the world can talk and watch each other faces. Science has increased the knowledge of man and he explored the earth and its enormous deserts and heavy woods and vast and deep oceans. He is exploring our galaxy and also put his feet on moon. He is progressing in field of agriculture and industry. His per acre production increased and industrial revolution make his product excellence. Medical science improved the medicine for different diseases and knows treatment of least and more every one. These make man healthy and increase his life span.

There are also disadvantages of advancement in science and technology i.e. now man does his most of work with machines. This makes him lazy and weak. Industrial chemical and waste are destroying our atmosphere. It is polluting our air, destroying our land, poisoning our sea and diminishing our forests.

There are positive and negative impacts of these improvements on our lives. But in real science and technology is shaping our lives.

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