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Ours is the age of science. In every walk of life we have scientific facilities, and the inventions of scientists have made our life more comfortable and happy for us than it was in the past. Science has also contributed to our daily comforts. We feel frightened to think of the old ages when there were no trains, no aero planes, no electric fans, no radio sets, no x-rays, no printing press and no means of entertainment as films, TV, gramophones etc. Science has made wonderful achievements in the field of communication and locomotion.

 It has shortened time and space. Our speed of living has been increased and we can develop our trade very speedily. Motor cars; trains, and aero planes cover long distance within no time. The steamships travel on the surface of big oceans and cover long distance in a few days. Now the world has not that awful strangeness about it as it has till the last century. Within a few hours we can fly round the globe in the most comfortable manner. Air conditioned railway coaches have provided us with the facilities of home.

 We can rush up supplies of food and clothing’s to flood affected areas or famine struck cities, in a shorter space of time. Such inventions have also helped man increase the productions of food, both in quality and quantity. Better methods of maturing and sowing have been discovered, and this has mad3e our lives more happy. We have discovered many new methods of preparing cloth. Handlooms have been replaced by machines which can prepare a better quality of cloth in a shorter time. With this increase of quantity and quality of clothing stuff life has become very comfortable. 

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