Science, Technology and Human's Life

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Today we are living in the century of the science and technology where the different and latest technologies machines are become the important part of the human's life.

In the previous centuries, Human was live in the rocks and forests and he was not know how to read and write. They were use the stone for the stone fire. Their communication system was totally poor and they were delivered a message in the many days for the communicate in the other cities.

But with the passage of the time, people changed their life style. They took interest in the education and developments. They made big houses for the live and they made fastest transport system for the transporation in the other cities. Many scientists wrote the different books on the different inventions and guidance of the human.


Science has played an important role in the life of human. They made their better communication system and we are living in the century where we can talk with our friends in few seconds in other countries. Our transport and living style is very latest and we invent latest machines in each day.

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