SCM Capricorn shura

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Shura is the guardian of the house of Capricorn, one of the last strongholds in place before reaching the Pope's chamber in Athena's Sanctuary. When the Bronze Saints make their way through the houses in order to save Athena’s life, Dragon Shiryu squares off against Shura. Little does Shiryu know that Shura has one deadly technique, the Excalibur, up his sleeve. Faced with low odds of defeating Shura, Dragon Shiryu mounts a suicide attack that would send both Saints into the heavens, where they would disintegrate into the stars.

The fit between the Cloth and the Saint is also great. The only minor issue, and I do mean minor, with the fit is that the thigh armor slides down from time to time. This minute inconvenience with the EX Capricorn is nowhere near as bad as it was on the original figure; the thigh armor for the original release would slide off the thighs and tuck halfway into the top of the leg armor. Bandai kept this from happening with the EX release by having a set of kneepads underneath the top of leg armor. This keeps the thigh armor from straying too far from its proper place.Another major improvement is that the back of the waist armor has slots on it that the skirt armor slides into. This keeps the skirt armor from opening up to the sides, which was another issue with the original release.

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