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If you have a good story, pursue it — immediately and at any cost — preaches Scott Hillier, Oscar honored filmmaker and president of ÉCU – The European Independent Film Festival. Scott, in pursuit of a good story, is doing just that. Departing for Libya this evening, Scott and his crew will film a documentary following Jihan Mansur Kikhia, the daughter of former Libyan Foreign Affairs Minister Mansur Kikhia, as she seeks to uncover the truth about her father’s storied and controversial past. We will keep you updated with news of his adventures and documentary work all week.

Stopping briefly in Istanbul for a little rest, Scott found the Turkish capital blanketed in snow. Leaving before sunrise, he landed in Libya around 9a.m. and was ready to film.

In protest of Gaddafi’s brutal and authoritarian regime, Mr. Kikhia resigned as Permanent Representative of Libya to the United Nations in 1980, not long after which he founded the Arab Organization for the Human Rights and Libyan League of the Human Rights. On a trip to Cairo in 1993, however, Mr. Kikhia was abducted and executed by what the CIA concluded were Libyan authorities.


After a good night sleep and Scott’s first full day of shooting in Benghazi, Libya he is ready to go again. It is bit too hot, but nothing can stop them in a search of a good story.

Mr. Kikhia’s estranged daughter, known by most as Jiji, hopes to mend the void his disappearance left in her with the truth about both his life and the circumstances of his death. With the recent liberation of Libya, Jiji can finally begin her investigation and Scott will be there for this week to help tell her family’s story.



Third day on the ground in Benghazi. Shot great pictures in the old city and today uncovered more facets in the fascinating Mansour Kikhia story.

Crew car – luxury mode of traveling in Libya :)Shooting on Benghazi’s Freedom Square

Last day in Libya.
“We have discovered a great deal about Jiji Kikia, her father, but also the people of this newly liberated country. Can’t wait to start the edit!” – Scott

Crew photo in the center of Benghazi.Shooting on a destroyed Ghadafi
tank as the sun-set fades behind us.
The air around us feels more free…


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