Sean Behr, General Manager of, talks about Film Annex's Afghan Development Initiatives

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Sean Behr is the General Manager of He has a wealth of experience in the field of video advertising and has worked his way up to management echelons at before moving on to He understands business strategy and business development. His role embodies taking care of all the online marketing initiatives of customers to enable them to be successful. In the video here, he has shared his views on Afghanistan, the importance of online advertising, and on Film Annex’s educational initiatives in Afghanistan.

As someone who has been in this business since many years, he sees online advertising as the way ahead in the future. He believes that publishers and customers have to properly utilize social media and online advertising to reach out effectively to the huge global audience that relies more and more on online tools for information, buying, and shopping. One can no longer ignore this tool to reach out to customers and prospective customers.

For growing economies like Afghanistan, online education and information is a step in the right direction. He has seen governments and financial landscapes being transformed through social media and online initiatives. He believes that as people grow more aware of the development happening in the world and get the required education, their economy can in turn benefit.

Sean feels that online education is definitely the future of education. This will ensure that education can be available to millions irrespective of the geographical constraints. The key here is the right infrastructure in terms of availability of computers and broadband internet and updated technologies. He really thinks that Film Annex’s education initiatives can go a long way in promoting education in Afghanistan.

He has deep respect for Film Annex’s initiatives in Afghanistan. As a partner, he is honored to help out in whatever way possible to take this initiative to more and more people in order to contribute to a prosperous Afghanistan.

For more information about building schools and about Film Annex’s Afghanistan Development, please click here.

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