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Building high quality links involves grueling efforts most of the time, may it be through search and mainly in building it. The most effective ones are usually content based (tedious) and sometimes need approval from the owner of the site you’re trying to get a link from, such as guest blogging, article marketing, resource request, blog commenting and the list moves on.[Image: Life_stream_by_Ria_and_Ree-300x300.jpg]
But the good news is, particularly to those who are just starting their link building campaign, is that there are many high quality and authoritative sites/pages out there that you can get links from for free and instantly. And here are the nominees for the best “easy free backlinks” you can get for your website.
Site Profiles
o PR – 6
o After making your site’s profile you can email them to request for dofollow links to be allowed on your page.
o Anchor text for your keywords are allowed
o Fast crawl rates
o Gains Pagerank when backlinks are built to link to it.
o The page can be done in just 5 minutes.
o PR – 8
o Dofollow link of the URL of your website
o No need to build a page, just search your domain name through Alexa and once you find it, build 1 backlink to direct crawlers to your site’s info page in Alexa, then eventually reach your website to pass through trust.
o PR – 8
o Nofollow link but passes massive amount of trust and authority to your site
o Fast crawl rates
o Making a company profile page through Wikipedia may only take you 10 – 20 minutes. Just sign up there and write something unique, professional and concise about your website.
Web 2.0 Profiles
o PR – 9
o Dofollow link of the URL of your website
o Fast crawl rates
o Passes through high volume of Pagerank juice when it gains PR
o If links are built to your Youtube page, it’s possible to reach PR 5 – 7
o Profile page can be done in just 3 minutes, you can also choose to upload some videos to make it livelier.
o PR – 8
o Dofollow Anchor text link pointing to your site
o Fast crawl rates
o Lensmaster page ranks easily on SERPs (very advantageous for branding)
o Passes through Pagerank, authority and trust rank.
o You can make a Squidoo Lensmaster page in just 2 minutes, just fill up the necessary details and you can then include an anchor text link to your site (using your preferred keyword) through the bio section.
o PR – 9
o Nofollow link of the URL of your site that’s capable of passing trust.
o Can easily rank for your brand’s name on search engine results’ top page.
o Gains high Pagerank if external links are built for it.
o Has fast crawl rates and is good for your site’s page indexation.
o Sign up for a Twitter account and include your site’s URL on your profile, then that’s it.
Facebook Fanpage
o PR – 10
o Nofollow URL link of your website.
o Can quickly rank on SERPs for your brand name.
o Fast crawl rates and good for page indexing.
o Easily gains PR along the process, as long as the page is active and has external links pointing to it, however it’s not capable of passing through Pagerank but do pass trust and authority to your site.
o It’s easy to build one and will only take you a few minutes to complete all the necessary details for your Facebook Fanpage.
o PR – 8
o Allows nofollow anchor text link on your profile (you can choose your desired keyword)
o Fast crawl rates and can help boost your targeted keyword to rank on SERPs.
o Highly trusted by search engines and can help increase traffic to your website.
o Signing up and making your Stumbleupon profile can only take 2 – 3 minutes of your time.
Web 2.0 and RSS Feed Submissions
o PR – 8
o Fast crawl rates and can help your site get indexed fast.
o Nofollow link to your submitted article/page, but helps in generating traffic, especially if it gets aggregated by interested users. Note: it’s best to submit high quality contents to make this really work.
o Submitting your site/blog entry to Digg only takes less than 2 minutes.
Yahoo Answers
o PR – 8
o Find a relevant question to the niche of your site and answer it. Include your website’s URL along the answer as the reference.
o Have super fast crawl rates, that the link you’ve built can be crawled in just hours.
o Nofollow attributed URL hyperlink, but passes through large amount of trust to your site.
o Finding a question and answering one will only take 3 – 5 minutes.
Yahoo’s MyBlogLog
o PR – 7
o Allows dofollow links to your site (URL and/or Anchor text).
o Has fast crawl rates and automatically syndicates your blog’s feed.
o Setting up for an account is easy and only takes a few minutes, which will include making your profile and submitting your RSS feed.
Social Bookmarking Profiles
o PR – 8
o Allows dofollow anchor text links pointing to your site, and also allows as many backlinks as you want to be saved using your preferred key phrases.
o Links you submit can be viewed publicly, which means it’s accessible to search engine crawlers.
o Moderate crawl rates, so you need to build at least one link to it.
o Signing up and adding of links can be done within 2 – 3 minutes.
o PR – 7
o Have fast crawl rates and can fetch up your bookmarked pages within 24 hours.
o Dofollow links and usage of targeted keywords as anchor texts are allowed.
o Overall task only takes 2 – 3 minutes to finish.
o PR – 5
o Anchor texts for your keywords are allowed, and links built through your profile page are also dofollow.
o Gives do 2 dofollow links instantly, where one is the anchor text version of the bookmarked page, and the other one is the site’s domain name.
o Crawl rate is average, so links pointing to it are needed to ensure that they get indexed by crawlers. *Note: Pinging your social bookmarking profiles is also a good way to let search engines know and visit them.
o This task takes 2 – 3 minutes to finish, including signing up and URL submission.
o PR – 5
o Dofollow link attribute and use of anchor text of your targeted keyword are enabled.
o Links you submit are viewed publicly, so search engines are able to reach them, however you need to build links to them to make sure crawlers can reach and have your main site indexed.
o Creating an account and building your site’s backlink through only takes 2 – 3 minutes.
o PR – 5
o Dofollow attributed links.
o Allows keywords as anchor texts.
o Can place as many links as you like.
o Moderate crawl rate, but doesn’t necessarily need backlinks to have it indexed, since mine was automatically crawled by search crawlers and got indexed on its own.
o Overall task takes 2 -3 minutes.
o PR – 4
o Dofollow links and can use your targeted keyword as anchor text.
o Gives 2 dofollow backlinks instantly (the anchor text link and the domain name)
o Slow crawl rate and it’s advisable to build links through it to get indexed.
o Overall task takes 2 -3 minutes.
o PR – 4
o Allows usage of keywords as anchor texts, and they are dofollow as well.
o You can also place a dofollow link (only URL) on your profile’s main website section.
o You can add as many anchor text links as you like.
o Fast crawl rate, but I suggest that you still build links to it.
o Signing up and submitting your URLs will only take 2 – 3 minutes on this task.
Final Blow
Once you have built all these pages from high quality and authoritative websites, you can then interlink them, instead of building artificial links through other networks just to have them indexed. You can also make a page/post (like what I’m doing now) that will contain all of those external links, to make certain that your links from these sites will be counted by search engines.
One day is enough to build and invest on high quality – but free links – through all of the given websites. But the important thing is that you do make your links look valuable not just to search engines, but to real people as well. Guarantee that the description that you’ll be using for your site’s links are powerful and confident; always remember that “quality always wins the search engine game”.


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