Searching for Sugarman (Malik Bendjelloul)

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After Marley and CloClo were released just a couple of months ago, I felt like the gap for documentaries on musical icons had been filled. That was until Searching for Sugarman came along. Its mysterious hero is Sixto Rodriguez, a man who became a rock n roll legend in Africa in the '70s, but a nobody everywhere else. His undiscovered genius, lyrically comparable to the likes of Bob Dylan, makes for some exciting subject matter. Exploring his  incredible life takes the viewer all the way to the grave, and beyond.

It is difficult to trace the life of an American man no one  has heard of in America, but one journalist and one avid record collector are attempting it and the documentary follows their search for sugarman. They both want to find out why his music can't be found in any record stores, and unravel the mystery behind his death- did he really set himself on fire on stage? By interviewing them, and Rodriguez's daughters, all to the sound of his music (you'll to buy the soundtrack), the story becomes a discovery for the viewer as well as a revelation for its interviewees.

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