Seasonal love

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Seasonal love

Sometimes love can be fake
It can be like a season
U don’t love for other’s sake
U just love for no reason !

U just want to feel it
U just miss the touch
U can enjoy for a bit
Loving someone so much.

It’s really weird
When love converted to word
U just want to be heard
When u feel so bored.

It is really a pain
When u hurt other’s heart
A day u chase to gain
And in a second u apart.

U have to think twice
Before taking this step
& see who gonna pay the price
Of ur heart leisure trip.

Watch if you are true
Check if feeling is real
Because it is not only u
There’s another who fell & feel.

Today u are playing the game
Tomorrow u can be the toy
Days are never the same
&yet others need to enjoy.

In life u need to pause
And take your heart break
But never be a cause
In others heart break.

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