Second Year Of University is over.

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Hey Guys,

Sorry I haven't written a blog in a while, but I have been busy finishing my projects for Uni and packing up ready to go home. 

This year has been great but stressful, I have learned a great deal while making my first proper films that I Directed, Produced and Wrote myself. I have also came to realise what Job Role I want to go into, this is producing. I want to be the person that helps make a film happen, and organises everyone to be on set on time. 

Next Year at uni I am looking forward to producing other peoples films for them, as well as creating my final two films while a uni. What I am not looking forward to is Graduating. This is because I will then be on my own in the big wide world.


I have some great projects for the summer, including the production company "BluBandit" that myself and a few colleagues have set up. So I will keep you in touch.

'Liam Dickins - Producer' 

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