Secret of happy life – 90/10

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Life is 10% what happens to you. 90% of life is due to your reaction to things that happen.
What does that mean? Now let's try an example:
You're having breakfast with his family. Your kid spilled coffee on your shirt. It happened suddenly, you cannot control. It happens then is the reaction of your discretion. You yelled at your kid and he cried. You blame that his wife were placed the coffee too close to the edge of table. Both started arguing for a while. Angrily you stepped upstairs to change clothes. When you come down your kid had still crying, not yet eating for school. He missed the shuttle bus.

Your wife hurried to go working. You have to take your kid to school. Fear of late, you drove so fast and broken the traffic law. After suffering a heavy penalty, your kid went to school late 15 minutes.. You came to the office 20 minutes late, and found yourself abandoned briefcase at home. Your day has started terrible. More and more bad things continue to happen ... In the afternoon you bored back home to see your wife and kid were not happy to welcome you as the days before. ....

Why do you have such a boring day? ....To be continued

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