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1, Set goals and objectives week month

The aim will often help you avoid sluggishness in career and personal life. The best way to always remember the goal is that you should write them down on the table, phone, computer, Tablet PC, calendars, stickers ... anywhere you can see them regularly . That way you can remind and encourage her to pursue goals in the best way

2 Turn off all electronic devices 1 hour before bedtime

The electronic device may be a possibility that your sleep is affected. So please leave phone, TV, tablet ... at least 1 hour before bedtime can help you sleep

3, Never stop learning

Whether it's taking a photography class to figure out how to use your favorite photo or go back to school to advance your career, you will never stop striving to learn new things - regardless of where you are in life. If the idea of sitting in a classroom again to bring you worry, however, you may want to consider a new approach for advanced education as distance education or other forms of modern .

4, Change Communication

A simple way to enhance your professional connections by reaching out to people you know. Maybe it's an old colleague, you have not talked to in a year, or someone you met at a seminar, conference, business trip ... Every month, pledged contact with at least one whom you have not seen in six months. Who knows, a cup of coffee with an acquaintance in the past can lead to a great lead work.

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5, Take time for yourself each day.

A continuous working days meeting with CuO, email, information processing, and other important situations can cause you stress. It is important to stop, take a breath, and have a good time just for yourself. Set up calendar notifications or prevent "busy" time in your daily schedule that makes you unavailable to others. During this time, you can go out for lunch, walking, working on a side project, or even read a book. Anything, be sure to use this time to recharge

6, Expand your horizons.

Try to escape from the safe with the boring routine of yourself by looking for fresh new activities and passionate. Probably volunteering, charity, learn a new language, taking a new sport. Choose something that you've always wanted to do, or something that you like when you were a kid and never pursued. Then, start researching how you can make it happen. By open to different experiences, you'll get rid of binding and learn new things about yourself.

7 Environmental Change

Think about the choices you can make changes habitat even though the move to a new place, improve themselves or ask others to do the job more challenging. Or even sending children to relatives and "hiding" somewhere to relax or maybe take a course "practice" to yourself. You will be surprised that these changes can change the look of your life how


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