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Just by participating in social networking connections, posting status, photos, videos, you will receive money from the coment and the buzz of the track and your frend. too easy to make money with Bitlanders.

bitLanders allows all contributors on its platform to earn money with their work. While filmmakers get paid for their films, bloggers get paid for their articles. If you’re a filmmaker who also blogs, you get paid for both. If you’re simply a viewer, you get paid for sharing content


All revenues are based on a scoring system that we created called the BuzzScore. It calculates your influence and ability to engage your audience with social media tools. The BuzzScore quantifies your leadership!

Higher BuzzScore = Higher Revenue

Your BuzzScore has several components:
Filmmaking score : The number of films you upload. Having your films featured on bitLanders Picks will increase your BuzzScore.
Blogging score : The quality of your blogs. Having your blog featured in The Annex Press will increase your BuzzScore.
Sharing score : How much you share content on social media platforms.
Influence score : How much your content is shared on social media platforms by other users.
Subscribers: Having subscribers with high BuzzScores will increase your own BuzzScore.



Want more exposure on bitLanders? We have a featured filmmaker and Web TV section on our homepage. Plus, we have hundreds of featured films. The featured Web TVs are handpicked by our creative team and featured on bitLanders Picks. All filmmakers on bitLanders Picks will have higher Buzzscores due to the quality of their work. A higher Buzzscore will result in an increase in revenues.

The Web TVs of the filmmakers with the higher BuzzScores will be showcased more frequently in the Sponsored Web TV section on the homepage. This will provide the filmmaker with more screen-time and more exposure, however it will not affect the revenues.

The BuzzScore assesses how social you are on the web. More social filmmakers will take home more revenues.



All writers on bitLanders are compensated based on their BuzzScores. The BuzzScore of a writer who is part of The Annex Press is higher due to the quality of the writing. Therefore, an Annex Press writer receives more revenues compared to a non-Annex Press writer.


What is The Annex Press?

The Annex Press is a platform created for professional writers from all backgrounds. On the Annex Press, you can read articles about film and entertainment, politics, health, current events, sports, science, technology, and so much more. All Annex Press articles must be originals. They are reviewed and hand-picked by the bitLanders editorial team. In addition to a group of regular contributors, the Annex Press also accepts guest blogs from contributors who are experts in their fields.

If you would like to write for the Annex Press, please inquire within by sending an email to



Not a filmmaker or a writer? No sweat. Even viewers earn money on bitLanders just by sharing the content they love! A high sharing score will influence a viewer’s BuzzScore in a positive way. Moreover, viewers have the option to curate their Web TVs by requesting films from their favorite filmmakers and/or adding movies to their channels from our Open Film Library.



Depending on the type of content your company creates, those videos and Web TVs can also be featured on our Entertainment, Sports, or Current Events pages with the same benefits that filmmakers receive for having a high BuzzScore. The Web TVs of the companies and institutions with higher BuzzScores will be showcased more frequently in the Sponsored Web TV section. This will provide them with more screen-time and more exposure.

The more social your company is, the more revenues your Web TV will generate.



Let's say you're an active content creator on bitLanders. You upload videos regularly, you blog, create photo galleries, etc. You promote your content on social networks by using the social media buttons on your bitLanders channel. Others promote your work, because they like it. Something is right here! You're not only creating content, but you're also promoting it. Plus, others are promoting it too! Your BuzzScore is likely to be very high. And if you're so social, then we reward you by highlighting your Web TV on our homepage more frequently compared to those who are less social. Plus, you get to make more revenues when you make better movies and write better articles. Good Luck!


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