See How Cool All Characters One Piece If Portrayed by Humans

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One Piece Tokyo Tower vehicle present stage action anime One Piece characters in the first Live Action

This is probably not the One Piece Live Action as expected fans. But at least wait to see Luffy and his friends played by actors of real people can be realized here. At least the attractions One Piece in One Piece Tower Tokyo vehicle could meet most desires of fans watched the One Piece characters played by real humans.

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One of the main attractions in the One Piece Tokyo Tower vehicle is the action stage featuring live action where action Luffy and his friends in an adventure in a mysterious cave. The story is staged with the help of a variety of visual effects created with video projection mapping. All conversations in action One Piece was recorded from the sound of the voice acting of anime One Piece.

Each spectator is given a "Stone Heart" that supposedly can change color according to the mood of the audience. This is the feature that makes the visitor closer to the appearance of One Piece on stage.

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Of course, to be able to watch the action Luffy and his friends live, we must come to Tokyo Tower. Perhaps had the opportunity to come there could took time to watch this One Piece live action.

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Here are the people behind the scenes Live Action One Piece characters in One Piece Tower Tokyo. If the note each role is played by two or three people given the schedule that appears so solid.

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