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Health Benefits of Strawberries


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Hy everyone!

We all love fruits because of taste and health benefits. Almost every fruit is essential because of its specific functionality. This article brings another beneficial fruit for you guys. Yes! This article is all about strawberries. I think about 80% of us love to eat strawberry because of its yummy and juicy nature. It’s a delicious seasonal fruit that boosts our health.

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People love to eat strawberry directly or it can also be added in salads and desserts. It gives the best taste to all our meals. Mostly, children love this fruit. Come let’s have a look how strawberries are good for health. A brief description of the health benefits of strawberries is provided in this article.


● Strawberry promotes eye health

All the problems related to eyes are because of the deficiency of certain nutrients. The presence of free radicals damages our eyes. With increased age, lack of nutrients and presence of free radicals heavily damage eyes. The solution to this problem is very easy and delicious.

Consumption of three or more serving of strawberries can prevent your vision. The antioxidants present in strawberries helps prevent eye blindness in old age. Strawberry is also full of vitamin C. This vitamin C in strawberries helps in protecting retina and cornea of eyes.


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It is also useful for protecting our eyes from harsh UV rays coming from the sun. All problems like weak eyesight, nearsightedness and night blindness, can be cured using strawberry.


● Strawberry is skin cleanser

Apart from being great for your health, strawberry is a delight for your skin also. Both eating and applying on the skin have magical effects. Strawberry provides a lot of benefits to the skin including anti-ageing, anti-acne, anti-pigmentation etc. It is also a good cleanser which will remove all the dust particles from your skin. The antioxidants in strawberry remove dead cells from your skin. Strawberry delays the process of ageing and makes you look younger.


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It can also be used as a toner. Mix two to three mashed strawberry in rose water and use it as a toner, it will have pleasant effects. Hence, overall strawberry is amazing for skin or it can also be called as a friend of skin.


● Strawberry help in making your hair healthy


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Strawberry being the fourth fruit having the highest amount of antioxidant and vitamins make it good for hair as well. It will add a lot to your hair and scalp health. Hair fall is almost the problem of every men and woman, using different shampoos and oil is also useless. The solution is strawberry because it contains vitamin B6  and folate which prevent hair loss completely.

Not only it prevents hair loss rather it also makes your hair shiny and silky. Strawberry acts like a conditioner and make your hair soft and conditioned. 

Strawberries are also good for protecting you from dandruff. Within a week, dandruff goes and never come back. Eat and apply strawberries on your scalp, you will love to see your hairs getting stronger and beautiful each day.


● Strawberry is good for regulating blood pressure


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The problem of blood pressure is increasing day by day due to unhealthy habits. Excessive use of junk food is affecting our blood pressure badly. Strawberries are rich in potassium and magnesium content, which helps in regulating high blood pressure. Blood pressure is because of sodium; try to cut sodium content from the diet. Strawberry defends our body from the negative effects of sodium.


● Strawberry helps in pre-natal health

During pregnancy, a lady needs all the essential nutrients for the growth of her baby. Every woman should eat strawberries during her pregnancy because it’s good for the mother and the baby. At the early stages of pregnancy, folate is used for the development of baby’s spinal cord, brain and skull.

It also helps in protecting baby from many birth defects. Strawberries are rich in water content. Eating strawberry keeps the baby hydrated without eating heavy meals.


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It also contains soluble fibre which is good for both the mother and baby’s heart. The bones and teeth of the baby become strong because of the magnesium and potassium content of strawberry. Hence, strawberries must be included in the diet of a pregnant woman.


● Strawberry prevent cardiovascular diseases


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Strawberries are very good for the heart. Strawberry is proved to be superb for reducing Hypertension and cholesterol. It promotes heart health and prevents us from cardiovascular disorders. It improves heart health by its antioxidant effects. Strawberries cut down bad fat from our body and keep cholesterol level balanced. Balanced cholesterol will never cause heart problems.


● Strawberry boost brain immunity


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All of us know that with time and age, human start getting old and weak. With age, immunity of brain decreases and memory start losing. If you want to keep your mind healthy and active, start eating strawberries. Besides having vitamins, strawberry also contains iodine which is very helpful for the proper functioning of the brain and nervous system. Strawberries are considered to be the “Brain Food” because it provides blood flow to the brain.


● Strawberry is Anti-cancer


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When we research about the anti-cancer food items, strawberry must be present in that list. This is just because of the nutrients and antioxidant present in strawberries fight cancer and tumour growth. Daily intake of strawberries, rapidly fights against the cancer cells. I myself have experienced this, doctors have advised one of my cousins to eat strawberries and now he is completely out of the signs of cancer. Strawberries are awesome in case of cancer prevention.



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See these are just very few benefits of strawberries. A lot more advantages are also present in strawberries for making your health ideal. Don’t eat too much but 2-3 strawberries per day will lead you towards ideal health. All the disorders can be prevented easily by adding strawberry in your diet. Eat strawberry, enjoy its taste and stay healthy.

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